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  • There’s nothing quite like starting the weekend with a hearty breakfast – especially if Friday night involved a glass of wine, or four. Brighton has a host of great places to fuel yourself but in the main, you’re choosing between a typical fry up or the dish of the moment (and a favourite of mine) avocado toast.

  • Simon used to live on a pick your own farm and I spent my summer holidays down in Devon with my granddad who had bantams, ducks, chickens and terrapins that lived in a pond in the living room – no word of lie! These formative experiences mean we both love returning to the countryside and getting up close with nature.

  • Before I had experienced depression first hand I could never understand why people didn’t just “pull themselves together” and do something to cheer up. It’s embarrassing to admit now but the truth is, you rarely understand something until you’ve been through it yourself.

  • The ‘small plate’ phenomenon has been in full swing for a while now, with many restaurants offering this style of dining. Whether it is to encourage us to try a wider variety of dishes, spend more money or make us feel like giants, is up for debate. Curry Leaf is the latest to jump on the bandwagon with their third location, Kemptown Kitchen in, yes, you’ve guessed it… Kemptown.

  • The sun is shining on my face, I have a glass of fruity Pimm’s in my hand and the smells of foods from around the world are wafting in the air. I’m in HEAVEN. Well, actually I’m at the Brighton Foodies Festival on Hove Lawns but as a food blogger, this is my equivalent.

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