Home Breakfast


They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so set yourself up for a productive day and make sure you have one. Just below you’ll find a selection breakfast reviews in Brighton to help you find the perfect spot.



  • Since I’ve taken the leap from employed to self-employed I’ve been working in a little office space downstairs in our house. Two weeks in, cabin fever set in and Simon and I began to get a little tetchy with each other. He works from home the majority of the time and although I love him to bits, we’re definitely the sort of couple that needs our own space occasionally. Cue my search for coffee shops with good working spaces and free WiFi.

  • Brighton has a reputation for being a hub for conscious-minded businesses and Silo, the UK’s first and only zero-waste restaurant, bakery and coffee house, is one of the city’s great food successes. It’s tucked away in the Bohemian North Laine area and easily recognised by the huge No. 39 painted on the exterior wall.

  • How are those New Year’s resolutions going for you? Still eating healthily and running three times a week? I didn’t think so… Don’t worry I’m not judging you – I’m in the same boat as you. What you need is somewhere to make it nice and easy for you. Somewhere with a breakfast, lunch and dinner menu that’s wholesome, healthy and nutritious, without sugars or additives.

  • Over the last few years, there’s been a rise in the popularity of recipe boxes and food kits. Brands like Able & Cole play to those wanting to support local and eat seasonally with a door-to-door delivery of veg boxes. Brunch Box Brighton is the latest addition to the club, launching at the end of December last year.

  • On the corner of Ship Street in Brighton, there is a time travel portal. It’s called Blackbird Tea Rooms. Step in and you’ll find yourself transported back to the Victorian era. On the menu are a choice of sandwiches, afternoon teas and cakes and snazzy breakfasts, just like the one here that I devoured.