• There’s nothing quite like starting the weekend with a hearty breakfast – especially if Friday night involved a glass of wine, or four. Brighton has a host of great places to fuel yourself but in the main, you’re choosing between a typical fry up or the dish of the moment (and a favourite of mine) avocado toast.

  • If you’re new to Brighton and looking to make friends or perhaps meet someone special, supper clubs should be on your to-do list. There are usually several happening each week in the city (check out Tabl.com for a list of them) and the organisers don’t tack on a single person supplement because they are designed as social dining events where you often share a table or course with other diners.

  • I’ve discovered some of the best restaurants in Brighton on the recommendation of chefs and restauranteurs. So when a friend, and the founder of Papa Pita, recommended a brand new pop-up, FOUR Sharing Kitchen from Chef Aaron Dalton, it had my attention straight away.

  • There are a select few Brighton restaurants that offer what I consider fine-dining. Those that do, carefully craft courses that complement one another and pay close attention to the quality of the ingredients used. The best also plate up the courses in a way that makes you want to eat a dish, even if it’s ordinarily something you would not like. MAW restaurant falls into this category.

  • It was a warm summer evening and the first week of Brighton Festival. People were tumbling out of pubs and onto the streets, but I was off to the quieter end of town, to Preston Road, home to Cafe Rust and regular restaurant pop-ups. My friend Catherine joined me for dinner and we made ourselves at home in my favourite spot in the window.

  • It was a lovely light evening as we arrived at H.en restaurant for the ‘Dumplings Around The World’ Polygon Pop-Up, perfect for food photography. As we took in our surroundings a member of staff explained how the evening would work; each dumpling course would be brought out in batches to share in clusters of tables, with up to 3 dumplings per course, per person.

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