Eshe’s Kitchen

Eshe's Kitchen
Eshe’s Kitchen is now complete and ready to go, with my first vlog is due to launch at the end of October. All of it wouldn’t be possible without the help of all my fab sponsors, which you can find out about here.

Me & my kitchen will take off on the BIG Europe adventure in 2018 but for now, it’ll be popping up all over Sussex. If you love to cook or have a great recipe to share, get in touch and maybe we can cook together in the kitchen!

Alternatively, if you prefer just to watch what I’m up to, you can follow the progress of my caravan conversion and our foodie adventures together through the posts below.

  • When Simon and I came up with this madcap idea 18 months ago as determined as I was to make it happen, I’m not sure I really believed we could do it. But, do it we did and it’s hard to express through words how thrilled I am with the result.

  • I thought I would get to a much greater age than 28 before my evenings were spent viewing caravans online, but life can be funny like that. To be honest, I didn’t care about any stigma attached to this past time, I was researching my dream. After many painstaking hours, I had found the style I wanted. A small rounded vintage style, circa the 1960s. The only problem was they aren’t that common and therefore they aren’t that cheap.

  • Have you ever bitten into a pizza and wondered whether it tastes the same on the streets of Napoli? Ever drooled over a seafood paella and thought, “is it as succulent in Spain?” Or dunked fresh bread into a rosemary baked Camembert and longed to know if it’s creamier and tangier in the villages of Normandy?