• How are those New Year’s resolutions going for you? Still eating healthily and running three times a week? I didn’t think so… Don’t worry I’m not judging you – I’m in the same boat as you. What you need is somewhere to make it nice and easy for you. Somewhere with a breakfast, lunch and dinner menu that’s wholesome, healthy and nutritious, without sugars or additives.

  • Last Saturday was ‘Small Business Saturday’, a campaign that encourages people to support small businesses in their communities by shopping local – something very close to my heart. I wanted to get involved and help and what better way than to create a guide to Brighton’s best independent coffee shops.

  • Cafes and coffee shops are ten a penny in Brighton, so anywhere new popping up has to bring something special to the table. The founders of Cafe Plenty aim to do this with their new cafe, micro-bakery and tea & coffee brew house on Circus Parade, Preston Circus in Brighton.

  • On the corner of Ship Street in Brighton, there is a time travel portal. It’s called Blackbird Tea Rooms. Step in and you’ll find yourself transported back to the Victorian era. On the menu are a choice of sandwiches, afternoon teas and cakes and snazzy breakfasts, just like the one here that I devoured.