• Brighton & Hove residents are spoilt for choice when it comes to Indian restaurants, with well-established favourites such as The Chilli Pickle and Curry Leaf Café taking centre stage. Just like these local gems, Azaro of Hove is a far cry from your local curry house.

  • Sunday morning had been spent planning a three week trip across India for later in the year. The excitement and anticipation of the trip, along with all the jaw-dropping images packed with colour and food we had been reviewing had left us hungry. There was only one choice of cuisine we wanted: Indian.

  • Last week I was invited to a fantastic blogger event in Brighton – Cook With Hari – with Hari Ghotra, an expert Indian cook, teacher and now chef at, the Michelin star restaurant, Tamarind of Mayfair .

  • The Green Mango has now rebranded to Cafe Chilli with a move away from the generic Thai menu you’d expect and incorporating more fusion dishes, which are becoming increasingly popular in Bangkok.