About Me

Foodie Eshé at La Choza


Hello, I’m Eshé the lady behind the blog. That’s me with the margarita in hand and I LOVE food. I don’t mean I really like it. I mean my whole world revolves around it.

My obsession with food started young. Thinking back to school I would host dinner parties (instead of sleepovers), designing three-course dinners and hand making dinner invitations to give out in the playground.


What started as me writing about what I like to cook and where I like to eat in Brighton has grown to be being invited to review restaurants, pop-ups, cafes and food events.

Being asked to give my opinion means the world to me, but I will always remain true to my readers, by giving an entirely honest opinion of where I’m dining and keeping the focus on the independent food retailers.

If something isn’t up to scratch I’ll always say but it’s given as constructive criticism, rather than criticism that edges towards rude.

All my reviews are written with the thought that there are people behind these businesses that often put many hours and their heart into their work.

My reviews cover all over Sussex & sometimes London too but my focus is Brighton where I work.


In December 2017, I appeared as a guest cook on four episodes of The Hairy Bikers on BBC One showing viewers how to make four edible Christmas gifts. You can read about that here and the recipes from the show can be found here.

In August 2017, I was invited to speak about the Brighton food scene on the Kay Adams Show on BBC Radio Scotland. A clip of the show can be heard below.

As well as writing and shooting photos for my own food blog, I’ve also written reviews, comments and food guides for a number of other publications including BuzzFeed, Delicious Magazine, Restaurants Brighton and the Brighton & Hove Independent.

If you’re looking for comment regarding anything to do with the Brighton food scene please feel free to get in touch


I love to hear from readers so if you want to ask me a question please drop me an email or leave a comment on a post. Additionally, I’m happy to hear from brands and PRs in relation to new restaurant openings (particularly in Brighton or nearby), relevant brand collaborations, events, recipe testing/development and product reviews. Please do not send me press releases about ‘National Sandwich Day’ (and the like) though… that’s not my thing.

You can get in touch with me (Eshé) via: contact@foodieeshe.com