Simon Livermore

  • I was feeling incredibly lazy. I fancied pasta but wasn’t even prepared to take the time to cook the simplest of meals so I decided to give new restaurant Edendum ago. Let’s just say, hindsight is a wonderful thing!

  • Of the 49 countries I have been lucky enough to visit, Italy ranks near the top of all-time favourites. With a rich history, jaw-dropping architecture, glorious weather, friendly people and most of all mouth-watering food.

  • After a couple of days feeling under the weather my appetite was back with a vengeance. Still not sure how much I could eat at once, I was keen for food I could graze on that wasn’t overly spicy. We had planned on visiting Hen for a meal the week before to use some Good Money vouchers Eshé had been given by work.

  • My takeaway choices of the last few weeks, whilst generally very good, hadn’t been overly healthy. When a friend of mine on a strict diet came over for a catch-up, it presented a great opportunity to see if she could stick to the rules of her diet and enjoy some takeout.

  • Sunday morning had been spent planning a three week trip across India for later in the year. The excitement and anticipation of the trip, along with all the jaw-dropping images packed with colour and food we had been reviewing had left us hungry. There was only one choice of cuisine we wanted: Indian.

  • I haven’t really started the new year with a particularly healthy diet and I’m hoping all the exercise I’m doing will compensate. But today I was feeling that I should perhaps try a bit harder. That said it was Saturday, we had just been for a run and undoubtedly I’d have a few beers later, so I needed something hearty to fill me up.

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