A Taste Of New York

by Eshé Brown

The ‘Secret’ NYC Burger Joint

Hidden behind a floor-length curtain in the most unexpected of places, Le Parker Meridien Hotel on 56th St, is a bijou spot called Burger Joint. You can very easily miss it if you’re not certain it’s there (and I wasn’t when I went looking for it way back in 2010). Just keep your eyes peeled for a luminous neon-lit Burger Joint logo and when you see it, you’ll know you’ve found the secret spot.

Burger Joint New York

Burger Joint is a no-fuss, fast food restaurant that keeps things simple and classic, with just a handful of options on its menu and a cash only till. There are just five burgers to choose from, the hamburger $8.50, the cheeseburger $8.96, the double hamburger $15.16 and the double cheeseburger $16.08; as well as the no-meat cheeseburger $7.15 for veggies. Pick you salad filling and how you want your burger cooked: rare, medium or well-done and wait.

It’s real fast-food, not Michelin star, but it tastes great. So tuck into a juicy burger with a great flavour and skinny fries $4.13, against a mesmerising backdrop of graffiti covered walls and indulge yourself. Whilst you bite into your burger and sip your shake $6.66, scour the walls for signings from celebrities like Leona Lewis and Janet Jackson who have also popped in to dine.

You can’t book and there’s likely to be a queue, so just know what you want, rock up and wait for a free seat.

Burger Joint NYC
Burger Joint Le Parker Meridien Hotel New York
 Burger Joint Le Parker Meridien Hotel
  • Sun – Thu, 11:00am – 11:30pm
  • Fri – Sat, 11:00am -12:00pm
ADDRESS: 119 W 56th St, New York, NY 10019, United States
*Photography from BurgerJointNY.com
Foodie Eshe x LOGO

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