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by Simon Livermore
Coggings Burger Brighton


Coggings & Co. – Gourmet burger and craft beer restaurant in Seven Dials using locally sourced produce

Day/Time Ordered:

Thursday 7th January, 6pm

Order Method:

Deliveroo + £2.50 delivery charge

Delivery Time:

43mins – quoted 40mins

The Order:

  • 6oz beef, Barkham blue cheese, slow roast tomato & bacon jam, crispy onions, salad
  • 6oz beef, Monterey Jack cheese, dry-cured honey-glazed streaky bacon, mustard mayonnaise, salad
  • Both served with triple-cooked chips, cooked in beef dripping


Two pots of mayonnaise

How Much? 

£24.95 inc. delivery

Takeaway Boy Rating:
coggins and co takeaway review


The high-quality brown paper bag embossed with the stylish Coggings & Co. font was a good indicator that the food that had just arrived for Eshé and I was going to be good.

Coggings & Co. Burger Takeaway Brighton

Burgers and chips are a food item, which will always suffer slightly when delivered rather than eaten immediately after cooking. Despite the inevitable slight loss of temperature, the triple cooked chips (how did we ever tolerate chips that were only cooked once?) were still crisp. The dripping they were cooked in added a comforting wholesome winter meal flavour to the sufficient portion that accompanied each burger.

Coggings & Co. Burger Takeaway Brighton

Coggings & Co. Burger Takeaway Brighton

The burgers themselves were the perfect size for my appetite, made with very high-quality beef and cooked to perfection. The Barkham Blue Cheese had a full yet sweet taste, which slightly over powered the Tomato & Bacon Jam, but when the mix of each were right the balance of flavours complimented each other well. Not a big lover of onions I would have likely removed some of the crispy onions, but I need not worry as they appeared to be absent.

The honey-glazed streaky bacon on Eshé’s burger was a rich red colour with a slightly chewy texture. It again was nice, but really had to be eaten separately to appreciate the effort put into the honey curing it had received.

I find that burgers can sometimes be overloaded with all manner of salad items, which can distract from the flavour of the core item, the meat. These simply contained a sprinkling of crisp fresh lettuce allowing the meat to take centre stage.

We quickly devoured all the food and were left with grease free cardboard containers, a pleasing sign to see that the food was clearly not dripping in fat or oil.

Coggins Burger Brighton 1

The Verdict

I still prefer Burger Brothers, but these were good quality with nice complimentary flavours and decent portion sizes. Perhaps a little pricey for takeout and like many restaurants now utilising the various delivery options, which previously did not offer takeaway, I would like to see a small reduction from the dining in price when ordering in this manner.

Overall though, most enjoyable. If I hadn’t been attempting dry January I would have been keen to try one or two of the various craft beers they offer. When I eventually dine in I will ensure I do.

PHONE: 01273 220220
ADDRESS: 87-93 Dyke Rd, Brighton, East Sussex BN1 3JE
TWITTER: @coggingsandco

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