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by Simon Livermore
Edendum Italian Takeaway Brighton

The genuine flavour of Italy… apparently!


Edendum – Italian Restaurant

Day/Time Ordered:

Saturday, April 29th, 18:47

Order Method:


Delivery Time:

44 mins – quoted 50 mins

The Order:

  • Mini Parmigiana – £4.95
  • Fonduta con Crostini – £6.95
  • Gnocchi Freschi con Toma e Burro Color Nocciola Pesto alla Genovese Edendum – £7.95


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How Much?

£20.05 inc: £2.50 delivery charge

Takeaway Boy Rating:

Edendum Rating

The Review

I was feeling incredibly lazy. I fancied pasta but wasn’t even prepared to take the time to cook the simplest of meals so I decided to give new restaurant Edendum ago. Let’s just say, hindsight is a wonderful thing!

As any of you that read my posts regularly will know, I like to graze. Having several smaller dishes offering a variety of culinary experiences is always the preference to one large meal. So to meet the £15 minimum delivery charge I selected three items.

Edendum Italian Takeaway

Edendum Italian Takeaway

The Mini Parmigiana was by far the highlight of the meal and that was only due to the fact the rest was so bad. The five thin slices of aubergine looked and tasted like any goodness they contained had been drained from them and sat forlornly in the over-sized carton, begging for their existence to end.

The tomato sauce that topped them was the only part of the meal with any real flavour and that was reminiscent more of a jar of Dolmio sauce than the genuine flavour of Italy the website had teased me with. I moved onto the Fonduta con Crostini, minus the crostini, which hadn’t been included.

Mini Parmigiana - Edendum Italian Brighton

Mini Parmigiana

At a lukewarm temperature, it was the hottest of the dishes, which was not surprising since the rest of the order came in cardboard cartons held together with elastic bands. The Fonduta came in an even worse state, in a thick paper cup with foil and cling film used to fashion a lid.

Menu of Edendum Italian Brighton

The Edendum delivery – poor packaging

Fortunately, I had some bread in the cupboard, which I dunked into the fondue. The good news was the seeded loaf had a lot of flavour, as the fondue didn’t. The reality is I could have knocked up something tastier with the cheese I had in the fridge. I want to add more descriptives to this review but all that comes to mind is it was yellow and runny.

Now on to the gnocchi. I’ll admit, for me, it isn’t usually the most exciting of meals and it often – as this did – lacks any visual appeal. However, a simple yet well-constructed sauce can bring the dish to life. Sadly this had neither looks nor taste. It looked like something you would see slopped into an inmates bowl in a POW movie.

To make matters worse the sauce had a grainy texture to it and there was no hint of the basil pesto sauce or any other seasoning, just an essence of cheese. Italian is a beautiful language and its full menu name, Gnocchi Freschi con Toma e Burro Color Nocciola Pesto alla Genovese Edendum, had conjured the romantic in me when I had read it. That moment quickly passed.

Gnocchi - Edendum Italian Brighton

Gnocchi? Or an inmates slop?

The Verdict

To say I was disappointed was an understatement. I don’t expect large portions even for £20 (inc delivery), but what I do expect is quality, this had neither. I would have found more satisfaction had I walked round to Tesco and bought a £3.50 spaghetti carbonara from the ‘Finest’ range and given the other £15 to a homeless guy sat outside.

This is a new restaurant in a competitive market and if this is a sign of its offering, it won’t be long before they are another establishment that fades into obscurity in no time at all. Perhaps Italian food outside of pizza just doesn’t lend to delivery, but those restaurants that have successfully achieved this have invested time in the cartons the food arrives in to try and maintain some level of heat.

I contacted them twice to express my dissatisfaction, I’m yet to hear a reply, so Edendum receives my first ever ‘blind drunk’ status, as that is what I would have to be to order it again.

WEBSITE: www.edendum.co.uk
PHONE: 01273 733800
ADDRESS: 69 East Street Brighton BN1 1HQ
FACEBOOK: Facebook.com/EdendumUK

Have you eaten at Edendum? Did you have a similar experience? Leave me a reply below and let me know what you thought.

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