Eshe’s Kitchen Sponsors

by Eshé Brown
Eshe’s Kitchen Sponsors

A big thank you to my sponsors…

As well as ploughing our own savings into building Eshe’s Kitchen we’ve been really lucky to have the support of some brilliant business (big and small). Without each of the companies helping out with pro bono or startup discounts, the kitchen would not have been possible. So here’s a little space to say thank you to each of them and share their fantastic creative businesses.



Dream sponsor via the Dream Ball |

Propellernet is a digital marketing agency based in Brighton and Eshe’s Kitchen only came to life due to the amazing ‘Dream Ball’ employee reward programme they run. Each year one or two lucky employees get randomly selected to have their dream come true. In Christmas 2015, when I worked for them, it was the funding and support Propellernet provided that were the catalyst for making the dream a reality. Jack, Jim and Nikki I simply cannot thank you enough for all your encouragement!


the english caravan company foodie eshe

Caravan Renovation |

We originally planned to renovate the run-down old caravan we bought on eBay ourselves. We then sobered up and realised that was never going to happen and came across talented husband and wife team Richard and Lyn Stark. We had spoken with several other companies before them but none had any kind of human connection. It was just another project to them. With Richard & Lyn, it was completely opposite. Though drove down from Hertfordshire to get to know us before we had even agreed to work with them and they got as passionate and excited about the project as we were.

Turning our infant like Powerpoint mockups into reality was no mean feat but their vision and abilities simply blew us away. They knew we were low on cash so went above and beyond helping us with several ‘pro bono’ pieces of work. Going to visit them at their workshop in Hertfordshire became like visiting family. We were always greeted with a big hug and a cup of tea and fed on jacket spuds cooked in the stove before we left.

If you are ever crazy enough to take on a project like this, then look no further than these guys.


carpetright foodie eshe

Flooring supplier |

By the time we got to the final stages we were over budget and living on fish finger sandwiches – you can imagine how badly I coped with that! I was determined to give the kitchen the best of everything but thought I would have to compromise until Carpetright came to the rescue.

Kitchen floors take a fair old beating with heavy feet and the odd spill or two so I needed something that was hard-wearing as well as being pretty – I mean come on I couldn’t compromise on the bling.

The Planet II 694 Puno Vinyl ticked both boxes. The industrial grade quality lino has a 5-year commercial warranty as well as containing flicks of silver that catch the light and finished off the kitchen perfectly.



melanie sramek bennett foodie eshe


Branding |

Once the kitchen was complete and looking beautiful I needed to brand her up so people knew what it was all about. You may think designing a logo and brand image is straightforward – well if you’re Melanie Sramek-Bennett it is.

Melanie worked through a series of concepts after coming out physically getting in the kitchen and exploring my blog to get a feel for what I was wanting to convey. She worked with incredible quality and great patience as I kept asking for the moon and stars.

The new brand which covers the kitchen and blog is the icing on the cake and now everyone knows who we are when out on the road with the kitchen.



lakeland foodie esheKitchenware |

Once the kitchen was finished I needed equipment to cook with and as beautiful as she looked, my battered old pots and pans just simply wouldn’t do. It was like sitting in a Ferrari wearing paint covered dungarees.

Luckily Lakeland loved the kitchen and has been keen to sponsor much of the equipment. Bowls, jars, chopping boards utensils and even the poshest kettle I’ve ever seen have been provided courtesy of them. I’ll be featuring these great products in a series of posts and vlogs (yes that right I’ll be getting the other side of the camera in the coming weeks and months).