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written by Eshé Brown September 22, 2015

Firstly this post is a bit different from my usual, it’s a little Q&A but with me instead of a new Brighton food joint. A big thank you to Emily Eats for the #FDbloggersGTK nomination, I didn’t even know you followed me so it was lovely to find that out!

What’s #FDbloggersGTK? It’s a hashtag that stands for ‘Food Bloggers Get to Know’ set up by Loriley, who started the ‘#fdbloggers’ community of food bloggers as a way of getting to know more bloggers. So here goes, this is my #fdbloggersGTK post:

Name: Eshé Brown (pronounced esh-ay)
Blog: Foodie Eshé

What was your reason for starting a blog?

At the start of 2014 I took a month off work to go travelling around Thailand. After trying all sorts of tantalising Thai foods and enrolling in a cookery school in Chiang Mai, I realised I wanted to keep up my exploration of all things to do with food when I returned home. I already had a lifestyle blog, but really wanted to focus on the food element, so I set up Foodie Eshe.

It wasn’t until I did that and regularly started consuming anything to do with food that I realised what a huge passion it was. It seems funny now that I didn’t realise, as anyone who knows me will tell you I talk and think about food 24-7! From a really young age (say 11-12) I was also hosting three-course dinner parties for my school friends and designing menus and place settings for the evenings with WordArt.

What’s the dish you’re most proud of?

My ‘Twice Baked Sussex Cheese Soufflé’ on a bed of rocket, olive oil and balsamic vinegar and finally sprinkled with toasted pine nuts. I learnt this dish at Thackery’s Cookery School in Lewes and the impressive thing about it is it stands freely outside of the soufflé dish! It also has five types of Sussex cheese in it.
Cheese soufflé 2

What one kitchen utensil could you not live without?

The spatula and this is because it’s the best tool to get every last drop of the cake mix out of the bowl. You can sometimes make a whole extra cupcake with the remains the spatula can scrape out. Waste-not-want-not folks!

You’re stranded on a desert island. What three ingredients do you take with you?

This is a really tricky one… but I would go… dates, pancetta and feta cheese so I can make a posh version of pigs in blankets. It’s a super tasty canapé, sweet, salty and moist – check out this recipe by LuLu  to see what I mean.

Who do you take inspiration from?

I’m a big Jamie Oliver fan. I love the rustic way he presents his dishes and when I’m watching his programmes on TV I always what to eat and make whatever he is preparing. The other place is Pinterest, I have a whole board dedicated to food styling inspiration which I use to inspire my plating-up and photography.

Your favourite social media platform?

Facebook drives the most traffic to my blog so I should say that. However, in terms of looking at food porn that has to be Instagram. I could sit for hours checking out all the food related hashtags and @clerkenwellboyec1 never fails to make me salivate!

Biggest disaster in the kitchen?

It was only about a month ago. I was experimenting with flavours (getting my ‘Heston’ on) and I thought I’d try Chinese five-spice, spring onions, lime and honey with salmon… it was dreadful and made worse by the fact that the limes were waxed and I hadn’t removed the skin! The most frustrating thing was I was really pleased with the photos I shot in the prep stage but I couldn’t use them for a post because the recipe I’d designed was SO bad. At least I get to use one of the pics now and you get to learn from my adventurous experiment. Chinese five-spice definitely does not go with salmon!

Honey and lime salmon
Favourite spot for a coffee? 

I’m not a big coffee drinker (I prefer my Twinnings Breakfast Tea) but it has to be Marwoods on Ship Street in Brighton. The joint’s strapline is ‘Kick Arse Coffee and Life-Changing Cake’ and it lives up to that. It’s a gem of a place with a super quirky interior. Think random fridge magnets, books, lots of wooden pallets, kids toys, a scattering of odds and sods from the 80s, a dismembered mannequin, a touch of taxidermy and mismatch furniture and you’ve got the picture!

Favourite food photo you’ve taken?

Another tricky one! Probably one of my very first pictures in Thailand at the Chiang Mai cookery school. We were learning how to make Thai Red Curry from scratch and I snapped a really quick pic of the ingredients on two brightly coloured plates. The focus isn’t perfect, but I just love the contrast of the bright colours in the foreground against the grey background.

thai curry paste

What would you say was your most successful blog post and why?

My Brighton & Hove Food Guide for sure! I kept getting asked where I recommended eating in Brighton, so I knew I needed to put together a little black book that I could share when people asked me. I kept the information succinct so you could quickly get the low-down on what sort of food it was and where in Brighton/Hove it was. The feedback was great! Loads of my friends shared it on Facebook and my traffic to the blog surged. I continually update it too, so if a restaurant is no longer up to the mark it comes off – only the best spots stay on the guide!

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