Foodies Festival 2018

by Eshé Brown

What to eat at the Brighton Foodies Festival

It’s the final day of the Foodies Festival on Hove Lawns today and the sun is out in full force for it. If you’re at a loose end then I recommend popping down to check it out. I went along on Saturday afternoon and although I was only there a few hours I still managed to get round loads of stalls and come home with some great foodie purchases. You can pickup last minute tickets for the festival for just £12.50 via Wowcher now (instead of the  £18) which covers your entry to the chef demonstrations but not any of food stalls (so bring a wedge of cash for that too!).

If you’re heading there today, here are a handful of the food stalls you need to checkout (and the ones maybe to miss):

Churros Garcia

Probably my favourite discovery at this year’s festival was the family-run Churros Garcia food stand. I don’t normally go crazy for sweet things but these doughnut-like snacks, dusted with sugar and cinnamon, alongside a pot of liquid chocolate for dipping, really wowed me. The cinnamon dusting is optional, but I recommend you opt in for it.

Exotic Tagine

Exotic Tagine offers one of the healthier options at the festival and a really flavourful one thanks to an selection of freshly prepare slow-cooked meat and vegetables. Headed up by Chef Mohammed Tadimi, it aims to bring the true taste of Morocco to the festival.

Rossmore Oysters

It’s become a foodie festival tradition to treat myself to champagne and oysters and Roosmore Oysters offers a really great deal on the delicacy – 4 oysters for £5. So I recommend going with the Jersey oysters which are slightly smaller but tastier. Just next door to the stall you can buy a glass of champagne to go with it for £6.

Silly Moo Cider

Silly Moo Cider comes from the lovely people at Trenchmore Farm – who also produce the delicious Trenchmore beef. Made using homegrown apples from their farm (and via the donations of local people – including apples from my own garden!) The cider is delicious, whether you choose to drink it chilled or cook with it (as I do!).

The Foraging Fox – Beetroot Ketchup

As well as tucking into great food on the day there’s also chance to tuck into samples of products and pick up some great deals. One of my best buys of the day was a multi-pack of beetroot ketchup which came with 3 different flavours (original/hot/smoked) – all three bottles came to just £6 (such a bargain).

One’s to miss…

The Yard Hut Caribbean food stall was a bit of let down this year (the chicken wings were very dry) and the calamari stall was also not all that (rubbery squid) so I advise skipping those.

If you can’t make it down today the festival returns every year and also tours the country so visit to find out where the next festival will be popping up!

*Disclaimer: I was invited to The Foodies Festival but this is entirely my own honest thoughts on the festivals.

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Michael May 7, 2018 - 3:22 PM

I think that having this “food festival” here is madness on stilts. Brighton and Hove is already teaming with restaurants and food outlets that cater for every ethnic type and whim and many do their jobs very well – as you know. Furthermore, they also provide decent tables, seating and fully functioning bathrooms. And they have to pay Council Rates. Quite possibly these itinerarant food stalls could provide some welcome extra choice in some Godforsaken Welsh holiday resort, but not here on the Hove Lawns. Asking for any entry fee for this so-called festival is a rip-off. I’m just amazed that people keep fallling for it and that the Council allows it to happen.

Eshé Brown May 9, 2018 - 11:06 PM

Hi Michael, madness on stilts… firstly what a brilliant turn of phrase! Secondly, I completely hear your point and I agree it is too expensive. I think a lower fee would be acceptable. No more than £10 though. Personally I enjoy wondering around trying all the different stalls and the samples from the producers that aren’t all available in Brighton (and I go every year with my friends). It’s the whole environment of the festival that it fun to go to and just going to a couple of good cafés or restaurants wouldn’t have the same appeal. Plus, there are also the headliners playing throughout the weekend that are part of the ticket price… Toploader and Hooisers this year! If you put yourself in the shoes of the sellers too, there’s a risk with these events… if it rains, a lot less people come and they may not make enough money to cover their costs. I don’t know if the ticket price goes towards this but perhaps that’s part of the reason they have to charge it. Anyway it’s good you put your point out there, hopefully they will listen to you feedback and reduce the cost slightly next year.

Susanna May 8, 2018 - 3:46 PM

I certainly would not pay £18 for the privilege of wandering around some stalls and then pay more for food and produce. Just paying for the over inflated fees of celebrity chefs. But I enjoyed the post!

Eshé Brown May 9, 2018 - 11:07 PM

Hi Susanna – thanks for commenting as always 🙂 Just the same point I made to Michael above really, they need to make it under £10 really as it is expensive!


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