Hen Takeaway

by Simon Livermore

 A Review of Takeaway from Hen Restaurant

A Saturday Night Hen Party


Hen – high welfare chicken restaurant

Day/Time Ordered:

Saturday 5th March, 16:40

Order Method:


Delivery Time:

28mins – quoted 45mins

The Order:

  • The Duke quarter chicken, grilled £4.95
  • The Herbie quarter chicken, grilled £4.95
  • 4 x chicken wings with spicy sauce £4.95
  • Quinoa Superfood Salad £6.45
  • Fries £2.00
  • Halloumi £2.95
  • Screaming Jay £0.45
  • Half Corn £1.00
  • Sweet potato fries £2.70



How Much?

£32.90 including £2.50 delivery charge

Takeaway Boy Rating:

Hen Rating

The Review

Hen Restaurant Takeaway Brighton

The order – our eyes were bigger than our bellies

After a couple of days feeling under the weather my appetite was back with a vengeance. Still not sure how much I could eat at once, I was keen for food I could graze on that wasn’t overly spicy. We had planned on visiting Hen for a meal the week before to use some Good Money vouchers Eshé had been given by work. (Good Money if you are not aware is a great way of supporting local independent businesses) but, to our surprise, it had been closed.

Famished, I made the same mistake as when you go to the supermarket hungry or a little bit drunk. The hunger takes over and you buy far more than you actually need.

Seven brown boxes arrived in lightning fast time and we were soon excitedly exploring the contents of each. The grilled quarter chickens were very tender and still piping hot. I like the fact that the sauces for the chicken came separately meaning we could mix and match and add as much or little as suited our palate. As someone who usually opts for spicy I was really surprised at how much I like the Herbie sauce. The tang of the lemon worked well with the herbs and didn’t overpower the taste of the meat.

Hen Takeaway Review
As someone who usually opts for spicy I was really surprised at how much I like the Herbie sauce. The tang of the lemon worked well with the herbs and didn’t overpower the taste of the meat. The screaming Jay was far from being as hot as say a Nandos Extra Hot Peri Peri and due to the dates was sweeter than expected.

Hen Restaurant Brighton - Grilled Chicken

Grilled quarter chicken

The chicken wings were my only disappointment of the meal. This was really a preference matter than the actually wings themselves. I am a big fan of proper American buffalo wings, where the wings are split in two, the skins are really crispy and the wings are covered in sauce. These were the more traditional English way and whilst fine were nothing special for me.

I always find eating a salad a chore, it’s just so, well ‘muh’. Unless it is accompanied by a large amount of meat or, at least, cheese and a calorie-laden dressing to add some flavour I will typically pass. The Quinoa Superfood Salad was, therefore, an unexpected surprise. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t really sure what most of the ingredients were and I kind of prefer it that way. The contents were crisp and fresh and had a real sweetness to it that well simply didn’t make it taste like salad, a big plus in my book. Spinach leaves were a much better option than lettuce and what I think were cherries provided much of the sweetness.

Hen Restaurant - Quinoa Superfood Salad

Quinoa Superfood Salad – Crisp & Fresh

The other side orders were all a really good. Fries don’t usually do well with delivery but these were still hot and crisp and the salt and rosemary coating was really tasty. The sweet potato fries were as good as any I have had and both the corn and halloumi were full of flavour complimenting the chicken well.


Hen Restaurant - Corn on the Cob

Juicy and Sweet – Corn on the Cob


The Verdict

It nearly received my top rating and possibly should have. There was nothing really to fault, quality and flavour were all good as were the portion sizes but the chicken wings just didn’t do enough for me to afford it that. The other thing that let it down, and you may think this is being overly picky, but for a meal that was mainly going to be eaten with my hands I expected napkins and wet wipes to be provided, I mean KFC manage it. I will definitely eat in though and if you are planning a Saturday night he.n party I would recommend this as a good alternative to Lumberjacks.

Hen Takeaway-11

WEBSITE: Lumberjacks
PHONE: 01273 671004
ADDRESS: 87-88 Trafalgar Street, Brighton, BN1 4ER

TWITTER: @HenRestaurant
FACEBOOK: facebook.com/Hen-Restaurant

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