How Many Watts Does A Microwave Use?

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A microwave is a famous cooking appliance that works with the help of electromagnetic radiation. It is handy and functions efficiently. You can use the microwave for cooking, baking, and reheating delicious foods within a short time. 

This electronic device is highly versatile because of the safety, durability, and ease of use it offers to buyers. 

Microwaves possess multiple features such as varieties of cooking programs, adjustable temperatures, timers, power levels, indicator lights, etc. 

Due to these settings, microwaves use very much energy to work. However, this power consumption is still not the same for all microwaves.

Compact microwaves consume 600-800 watts, standard microwaves use 900-1000 watts, whereas large microwaves use more than 1000 watts for proper working. The high power consumption enables the microwave to cook the food faster and evenly. 

Besides, please do not leave the microwave on for hours; instead, unplug the switch when it is not in use. It will help you to minimize the power bills. 

How many watts does a microwave use? 

A microwave is a handy appliance that takes power in watts to work efficiently. The wattage of microwaves varies significantly because of the different sizes and power consumption. The normal wattage range of microwaves lies somewhere between 500 watts to 2000 watts. 

Compact microwaves use 500-800 watts for their working. They are best for two or three people’s families. They can cook instant meals and reheat the drinks. However, these microwaves work slower than other traditional ovens. 

Standard microwaves consume 900-1000 watts. They work efficiently and faster than other ovens. These microwaves offer a variety of cooking programs and are durable, safe, and easy to use. 

The high-end microwaves are above 1000 watts. They are the best choice for large families and restaurants. These microwaves ensure fast and efficient cooking by offering many cooking functions that make them worth buying. 

How to find the watts of your microwave?

Typically, the wattage of a microwave is mentioned in its manual, inside the oven door, or on the serial plate on the back of the oven. 

However, if you are unsatisfied and want to find the microwave’s wattage, you can use the time-to-boil method. It will help you to estimate an approximate wattage. 

For instance, if you buy a microwave, the manual indicates that its wattage is 700 watts. You can find out whether it is true or not by putting a cup of water in the oven for boiling. If the water boils in 3 minutes, it is 600-700 watts microwave. 

800-watt microwave will take 2 minutes and 30 seconds to boil the water, and a microwave of more than 1000 watts will take less than 2 minutes to boil a cup of water. 

The boiling time can vary because of different designs and manufacturing brands. 

How much does it cost to run a microwave?

How Many Watts Does A Microwave Use

The microwave ovens consume less wattage compared to conventional and toaster ovens. Therefore, they are not very costly. 

You can use the following formula to find the cost that your microwave needs to run more efficiently than traditional ovens. 


(kilowatt/hours) x (time running) x (cost per kilowatt hour) = cost to run the microwave 

Put the value of the microwave’s wattage, the cost of electricity in your area, and the time of its usage in the above formula; find the price to run the microwave. 

How well does a 1000-watt microwave work? 

A 1000 watts microwave is the best choice for medium to large families because it works exceptionally well and cooks the food evenly within a few minutes without burning it. 

Unlike other ordinary ovens, this microwave has multiple cooking programs that enable you to make cheese popcorns, thaw frozen foods and bake pizzas. Moreover, it keeps the food warm for a long time. 

Different brands offer different designs and colors in a 1000 watts microwave, so you can choose the one that exactly fits the interior of your kitchen. 

What is input and output microwave wattage? 

Input wattage is the power required by the microwave for display, moving the glass turntable, heating or cooking the food, timer, and power indication. 

The output wattage is defined as the power the microwave uses to perform its functions properly and efficiently. 

According to the experts, input wattage is always greater than output wattage because the power indicates how well and fast the microwave can cook food. 

How many watts does a good microwave use?

The microwaves with a wattage of more than 1000 are perfect because they cook the food evenly and faster than ordinary microwaves. In addition, these microwaves prevent the burning and splattering of food inside. 

Typically, microwaves have a wattage range between 500 and 2000 watts. The best is a microwave with a wattage range above 900 because it is a standard microwave. 

A 900-1000 watts microwave is not too expensive, and it works amazingly. This wattage range of microwaves is perfect for small to large families. 

However, if you want a multitasking microwave for your restaurant or family, a 1400-1600 watts microwave is the best option. 

Can you change the wattage of your microwave?

No, you can’t change the microwaves’ wattage. Instead, you can change their power levels. The modern microwaves possess power level settings that let you decide at which speed and efficiency you want your cooking appliance to work. 

These high-end microwaves have power levels between 1 and 10. So if you want to save some power, you can select power levels 3,4, or 5, and if you wish to cook fast and even without burning the food, set the power level above 6. 

For instance, if you have a microwave of 1000 watts and select the power level 9 or 10, it will work extraordinarily fast and cook your favorite food in seconds. 

Do microwaves use electricity when not in use?

Yes, microwaves use electricity when not in use. However, this power consumption is deficient. The microwaves use almost 5 watts when you keep them on for hours. 

Unlike microwaves, electronic devices such as toasters and LEDs consume power when you don’t use them. 

This small power consumption contributes 10-15% to monthly power bills. Therefore, unplugging the devices when you are not using them is better to avoid this power usage. 

In recent years, with the advancement of technology, the modern microwaves have an ECO-mode that enables them to conserve energy by shutting off the display and internal power. 

What is the best time to run a microwave?

The electric companies charge differently throughout the day. So the more you use the microwave in the daytime, the more you get arrested. 

Therefore, it is best to use commercial and standard ovens at night because these ovens consume very much power for their efficient working. 

How many solar panels does it take to run a microwave? 

Typically, microwaves use 500-800 watts for working. Incredibly compact and standard microwaves. 

Each solar panel possesses almost 350 watts, so you can use three or four solar panels to efficiently work your microwave. 

The solar-powered microwaves cook and reheat the food faster than traditional ovens. Moreover, these microwaves are easy and safe to operate. 

Frequently asked questions 

Do watts matter in microwaves? 

Yes, the watts matter in microwaves because the watt is the unit that measures the energy required by microwaves for efficient working. 

The higher the number of watts a microwave uses, the faster it works. This is because the high watts cook the food evenly and faster than other microwaves. 

Compact microwaves use 500-800 watts, standard ones use 900-1000 watts, and large commercial microwaves consume more than 1000 watts. 

If you have a small family, a compact microwave is a perfect choice and if you have a large family or you are a restaurant owner, buy commercial microwaves for fast cooking. 

What is the best wattage range for all-rounder microwaves? 

The best wattage range for all-rounder microwaves is 800-1100 watts. These microwaves work exceptionally well and do not consume very much power. 

These microwaves are known as standard microwaves. They are perfect for small to large families and cook the foods evenly. In addition, these microwaves prevent food burning and conserve energy when not in use. 

What is the difference between conventional and microwave ovens?

Conventional ovens have a metallic body that makes them exceptional. These ovens work when an electric current passes through the metallic body. 

This type of oven possesses a conventional fan that circulates the warm air inside, ensuring even reheating and cooking. 

Conventional ovens are best for baking. These ovens are available in various colors and designs. 

Unlike conventional ovens, microwave ovens work with the help of magnetic radiation. These ovens do not heat the entire interior; instead, warm air waves only heat the food. 

These ovens cook food faster than traditional ovens. They are energy efficient and best for cooking and reheating food at home. 

What are the myths about microwaving food?

Some people do not use the microwave for cooking and reheating because they believe microwaving the foods can destroy the nutrients and make them dangerous for consumption. Moreover, they think heating water in the microwave affects the DNA. 

It is not true because the electromagnetic radiations of microwaves do not affect the DNA at all. In addition, these waves do not penetrate foods and do not make them radioactive, so they are entirely safe for intake. 

However, microwaves destroy a few essential nutrients and minerals. It doesn’t mean microwaved foods are not healthy for consumption. 


A microwave is a convenient cooking appliance that helps you cook your favorite recipes quickly. It is durable, safe, and easy to use.

The wattage range of microwaves lies typically between 500-2200 watts. The small ovens use 500-700 watts, standard ones consume almost 1000 watts, and large microwaves use more than 1000 watts for efficient and fast cooking. 

The best option is standard microwave ovens, especially if you purchase a new one. They are not too expensive, provide various cooking programs, and cook food fast and thoroughly. 

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