How To Protect Hardwood Floors Kitchen?

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Nowadays, hardwood floors are the most delicate and trendy floors that enhance the beauty of your kitchen. These floors are tough, durable, and have a longer lifespan than ceramic ones. 

Typically your kitchen floors have to tackle several challenges like scratching, spills, and overcrowding, so it doesn’t matter how expensive, and challenging the floor you install in your kitchen; it is always at a greater risk of damage. 

Taking good care of your kitchen floor and maintaining it regularly or once a week can reduce the chances of damage. 

Floor sealing, using furniture sliders, wiping the spills, and installing new rugs and mats also help keep the hardwood floor in good condition for longer. 

Tips On How To Protect Hardwood Floors Kitchen

Here are some tips you can follow on How To Protect Hardwood Floors Kitchen from damage and keep it beautiful and fascinating.

1: Use furniture sliders and pads 

When you slide heavy objects such as metal chairs, tables, stools, washing machines, etc., on the hardwood floor of your kitchen, they cause scratches and dents that make the floor unattractive and moisture-prone. 

You can use plastic or rubber furniture sliders and pads at the bottom of the chair and stools to minimize the chances of scratches. The rubber sliders and pads act as a protection layer between heavy objects and the hardwood floor. 

These furniture sliders and pads must be a part of your kitchen, especially if you have installed a new and expensive hardwood floor. 

2: Install mats and rugs 

The kitchen is the highest traffic place in your house, and it needs attention and protection constantly. So, you should install rugs near the dishwasher, sink, cooking range, and refrigerator to protect the hardwood floor from scratches and water splashes. 

You should install rugs near the kitchen countertop to prevent the dents and scratches when you slide the chair or drop a dish accidentally from the countertop. 

Installation of high-quality and customized mats and area rugs in the kitchen is a great way to protect and enhance the lifespan of the hardwood floor. In addition, these rugs give the kitchen interior a unique and delightful appearance. 

3: Wipe the spills immediately 

The stains of water splashes from the sink & dishwasher and oil splashes from the stove are the most frustrating causes of damage to your kitchen’s brand new hardwood floor.  

Many expensive and good-quality hardwood floors can soak the water spills. Although, it is always better to wipe these spills immediately with a microfiber cloth or paper towel. 

The immediate cleaning of water, oil splatters, and food chunks minimize the risks of stubborn stains on the floor that affects its beauty. 

Moreover, you can install rubber mats and rugs in different areas of your kitchen to handle water spills and oil splatters perfectly. 

4: Doormats 

Whether you have an expensive hardwood floor or ceramic floor in your kitchen, you should install kitchen doormats. 

These doormats will reduce the dirt, moisture, and mud coming inside your kitchen with the soles of the shoes, especially if you have a big family and a high-traffic kitchen. 

You can place high-quality rubber mats at the kitchen entrance to keep the floor clean and attractive. Leaving the shoes at the kitchen door is good if you do not want to install doormats. 

5: Apply a sealant 

A wood sealant is another essential thing that keeps the wood shiny and attractive for a long time. 

Wood sealants are available in the market in two types: water-based and oil-based. Oil-based adhesives work exceptionally well to prevent penalization. 

Applying suitable quality sealant on the hardwood floor of your kitchen will extend the floor’s life and protect it from scratches, water stains, oil splatters, and food bites. Moreover, it will enable the kitchen floor to tolerate high traffic easily. 

6: Use wood-friendly cleaners 

The best way to keep your hardwood floor in good condition for years is to clean it with wood-friendly cleaners. 

The cleaners having neutral PH and water-based formulas are excellent for cleaning hardwood floors. You can use Murphy or Bona cleaners to remove grime, stains, and dirt from the floor and give it a clean, shiny, and new look. 

Avoid steam and harsh chemical cleaners on hardwood floors because elevated ammonia and bleach levels can destroy the wood’s color and texture. 

7: Regular cleaning 

Regular cleaning and maintaining the hardwood floor reduces the chances of wear and tear and keeps the feet shiny and attractive. Moreover, it extends the life of your bed. 

You can start the cleaning process with vacuum cleaners to remove the dust and dirt particles on the floor. 

Small dirt particles can cause scratches and tough stains on the floor, so you can use a mop or broom to clean the grime and dirt. You can use a damp microfiber cloth to clean the floor thoroughly. 

You can use damp paper towels or dry kitchen towels to clean water spills and stubborn stains of oil splatters. 

Oil-based cleansers are best for deep cleaning once a week because cleaners can help clean stains and give the hardwood floor a classy & enchanting look. 

To wrap up 

Hardwood floor kitchens look fascinating and classy. Unlike ceramic floors, hardwood floors are expensive and have a long lifespan; however, they need regular maintenance and care because they are prone to moisture & are more likely to get damaged. 

To protect your kitchen’s brand new floor from damage, you must follow some essential tips like adopting regular cleaning habits or once a week. 

You can use furniture sliders and pads to prevent scratches on the floor while sliding the heavy objects in the kitchen. 

Installing new mats and rugs in different kitchen areas can help the floor deal with high traffic and stubborn stains. 

Lastly, you can install doormats at the kitchen entrance and apply hardwood sealant to give your kitchen floor an appealing and exciting appearance. 

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