Is Granite Cookware Safe?

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Nowadays, people are curious about the material used in cookware they use to prepare food daily in their kitchen because of the harmful chemicals and metals present inexpensive cookware.

Granite cookware is one of the safest for making meals as the granite prevents food from sticking and has a stunning performance. 

In this article, I’ll answer some queries about granite cookware. For instance, Is granite cookware safe? How to wash granite cookware? Is it better than ceramic?

Furthermore, I’ll share information about the performance and durability of granite cookware and the guidelines for using granite cookware.

What is granite cookware?

The word “Granite” belongs to a rock family composed of alkali feldspar and quartz mixed in different proportions. 

Granite cookware doesn’t contain granite and is made of an inner stainless steel core covered with glass. The glass used in cookware is formed by fusion porcelain enamel at high temperatures.

Granite cookware is well known for its non-sticking nature because the food doesn’t stick to the pan when you fry it, especially the eggs.

What is granite cookware made of?

Granite is an ancient hard rock that was used to make granite cookware. Modern granite cookware is made of stainless steam coated with porcelain enamel to prevent the leaching of metals.

Is granite cookware safe?

Everyone wants to use lightweight, non-stick and healthy cookware and have plenty of options. Among all these options, granite cookware is at the top because it is safe for health if the porcelain coating is not damaged or peeling off.

Non-stick nature

Granite cookwares have remarkable features like non-sticking nature and lightweight and evenly heating ability, making it unique compared to other metal cookware.

Chemicals free

This versatile cookware doesn’t produce toxic fumes that can cause various cancers and fertility issues.

While cooking in granite, use wooden spatulas to stir the food because it preserves the coating.

Pros and cons of granite cookware

The granite cookware is not as strong as our ancestors used to be, though they still have many advantages that make them the most loved cookware.

Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of granite cookware to understand whether you should invest your money in buying it or not;


1: Granite cookware is hard enough, and if you take good care of it, it will last for years. 

2: Porcelain enamel used in the granite cookware makes it able to cook highly acidic food quickly without affecting its taste and smell.

3: The granite cookware conducts heat evenly. Granite cookware is the best choice for preparing a meal quickly.

4: Modern granite cookware doesn’t contain harmful chemicals that affect health.

5: Granite cookware is smooth & glossy.

6: Granite cookware can withstand the high temperature of ovens up to 500 F, so you can prepare the different dishes by maintaining temperature. 


1: The granite cookware is not suitable for glass stoves because it can quickly break the glass.

2: The manufacturers claim that granite cookware is non-stick though some buyers feel it is inconvenient as the food sticks to the pan after using it.

3: Granite cookware is fragile, and it needs a lot of care while making food; otherwise, the thin coating will be damaged; use wooden and plastic spoons to stir the food.

Performance and durability of granite cookware

Is Granite Cookware Safe

The granite cookware is versatile, and most liked because of its performance and durability.


When buying cookware, one of the most important things people consider is the non-stickiness of granite.

Fortunately, granite cookware passed the egg frying test because the porcelain coating prevents food from sticking.

Granite cookware doesn’t need too much oil for frying and is relatively easy to wash. 

Preparing food in granite cookware doesn’t cause changes in the aroma and flavor of food, even if you are cooking a highly acidic dish.


Dropping the cookware and exposure to high temperatures while making food can cause the breakdown of porcelain coating.

Although if you take proper care of the cookware, it will last for years without leaching harmful metals.

Guidelines for using granite cookware

No matter how expensive granite cookware you buy, you must follow manufacturers’ guidelines before using it; otherwise, it may be damaged.

First, use wooden spatulas to stir the food as it doesn’t cause staining of cookware and preserves the porcelain coating.

Secondly, cook the food at medium heat because the porcelain enamel can withstand medium heat.

If you want to prepare food at high flame, use other cookware. For example, cast iron is quite a better option after granite.

Can you use the granite cookware that has been scratched?

No, the granite cookware is not safe anymore if scratched because the harmful metals begin to leach when you cook food.

Leaching toxins into the food can cause serious health problems like thyroid infections, liver problems, and cancers.

How to wash granite cookware?

Washing granite cookware is like having a piece of cake; once you know how to wash it, you will find it more accessible.

Step 1

  • Take some warm water with a piece of mild soap and submerge the cookware in the warm water.

Step 2 

  • Now take the cookware from the water and scrub it with a sponge and a piece of soap, then rinse it thoroughly.

Step 3

  • Repeat the process once again, and in the end, dry the cookware with a piece of cloth. You will see the shiny appearance of your cookware.

Is granite cookware better than ceramic?

Granite and ceramic cookware are made of different materials though they have the same performance and quality.

According to experts, granite cookware isn’t better than ceramic, no matter its remarkable features.

How long does granite cookware last?

According to kitchen experts, every non-stick cookware will last at least five years, even if you care enough.

The granite cookware can last forever if you strictly follow the guidelines in the article.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is granite cookware toxic?

The answer is no, and the granite cookware is not toxic as long as it is not scratched because if a minor scratch occurs, you are not allowed to cook food in cookware.

Scratching leads to the leaching of harmful chemicals into the food, which may alter its flavor & smell.

What is the alternative to granite cookware?

According to the suggestions of kitchen experts, the best alternative to granite cookware is cast iron cookware.

Cast iron cookware is free of harmful metals, and you can cook healthy food for your family and friends.

How to take proper care of the granite cookware?

1: Do not use metal spoons to stir the food in granite cookware because it can damage the coating.

2: Cook food at medium flame 

3: Wash the cookware with warm water & sponge and handle the cookware carefully; otherwise, it may break.

Final words

When choosing cookware for the kitchen, several options come up with unique features, and among all those options, granite and ceramic cookwares are the best.

Granite cookware is ideal for cooking food at medium heat as it doesn’t affect the aroma and flavor of your food.

Granite cookware can be washed in the dishwasher though the experts suggest washing the cookware by hand.

In this article, I have covered all granite cookware-related questions like “What is granite cookware? Is it safe? What are the pros and cons of granite cookware?”

Moreover, I have shared some guidelines about using granite cookware, so read the above article to find answers to your queries. 

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