Is Sour Patch Kids Vegan? 

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Sour patch kids are a popular candy with a sweet center and sour coating. Due to its unique taste, it is a most loved chewing candy worldwide. 

Original sour patch kids come in a yellow pack and are available in various flavors like lime, orange, mango, raspberry, etc. 

Some people think sour patch kids are vegan because they do not contain animal-derived ingredients. Moreover, these candies don’t contain gelatin because gelatin is derived from the skin of cows and pigs. So, it is not a vegan-friendly ingredient. 

However, it is not classified as vegan candy due to many ingredients like sugar, artificial flavors & colors, which are still controversial. 

What are sour patch kids? 

Sour patch kids are a chewing candy with a sweet center with a sour coating outside. On the first bite, you will feel it sour, and chewy, and then it turns sweet. 

This candy is available in several yummy flavors like raspberry, lime, pineapple, strawberry, orange, and mango. It also comes in watermelon shape and taste. However, the top flavor is blue raspberry because of its high demand among kids. 

Moreover, the company released exciting variants such as fire and chillers. In the fire variant, you will feel a bit of heat in your mouth after every bite, whereas in chillers, you will feel the freshness of mint. 

What are the ingredients of sour patch kids? 

To determine whether the sour patch kids are vegan or not, the ingredients that are used to make this versatile chewing candy are listed below; 

  • Citric acid
  • Sugar 
  • Inverted sugar
  • Artificial and natural flavors 
  • Modified corn starch 
  • Tartaric acid 
  • Cane syrup 
  • Colors; yellow 6, red 40, blue 1, and yellow 5 

All these ingredients are vegan friendly because they are derived from plant sources instead of animals. 

However, some ingredients like sugar, natural and artificial flavors and chewy texture are still controversial because different manufacturing companies use various components to make this tasty snack. 

Do sour patch kids contain gelatin? 

No, sour patch kids don’t contain gelatin because it is not a vegan-friendly product. Instead, many manufacturing companies use sugar and cornstarch to give the candy a chewy texture. 

Gelatin is made by boiling the skin, tendons, and ligaments of cows and pigs, making it unsuitable for vegan products. So, the sour patch companies use alternative methods to make the candy chewy. 

However, some manufacturing companies use gelatin as the main ingredient in different world regions. 

Is sour patch kids vegan? 

Yes, sour patch kids are completely vegan because this candy apparently, doesn’t contain any animal-derived ingredients. 

All ingredients are derived from plant sources. The perfect gummy center is made by mixing cornstarch.

However, the sugar, artificial and natural flavors used to make sour patch kids are still controversial. 

Are sour punch straws vegan? 

Sour punch straws are made up of the same ingredients as other sour patch kids variants. However, it differs in only one element that is glycerin. 

Like other naturally derived ingredients, glycerin is also derived from plant sources. So, it is vegan. 

Sour punch straws are a perfect snack with a soft, chewy texture, fruity smell with sour & sweet taste. It is indeed an ideal snack for kids and elders. 

Are sour patch watermelons vegan? 

Yes, sour patch watermelon is vegan. This sweet & sour candy has a watermelon shape with watermelon flavor and smell. 

Sour patch watermelon contains an additional ingredient called titanium dioxide, a naturally occurring earth mineral. 

Unsurprisingly, titanium dioxide gives the candy a smooth, soft texture and enhances the storage period of sweets. 

Why aren’t sour patch kids classified as vegan? 

When you buy a pack of sour patch kids, it has a list of ingredients. When you read the list of ingredients, it contains almost all plant-derived ingredients. 

Though, this candy is still not vegan friendly according to some people because the artificial color, flavor, sugar, and the use of gelatin in the candy are controversial. 


Gelatin is made from tendons, ligaments, and the skin of animals like cows and pigs, so it is a non-vegan product. 

While buying a product, vegans search for the ingredients, and if it contains gelatin, they refuse to buy it, especially when purchasing puddings, jellies, candies, etc. 

If we stick to the topic, gelatin is not an ingredient for sour patch kids. Many vegan companies use cornstarch and corn syrups to produce the chewy texture of the candy. 

However, different companies manufacture sour patch kids worldwide and use other ingredients for making the candy. So, we can’t say that they do not include gelatin in the candy. 


Some vegans claim that sugar is a non-vegan ingredient because companies prefer to use bone char from cows’ bones in the sugar refining process. They say sour patch kids are not vegan-friendly candy because sugar is essential for making candies. 

Moreover, many companies use inverted sugar to make candies, which is a combination of dextrose and fructose. 

Artificial color and flavors 

Most companies use artificial flavors and colors to give the candy a yummy taste. To make different flavors of fruits, manufacturers use combinations of acids, having a fruity smell and taste. For colors, manufacturers use other techniques. 

These artificial colors are tested on animals to see whether they cause any health issues. If these colors are not suitable for health, tumors appear in animals, and they die. 

Due to the testing of color on animals, vegans consider sour patch kids a non-vegan product. 

Why do vegans eat sour patch kids? 

Some vegans love to eat sour patch kids despite controversial ingredients because of its unique flavor, sweet and tangy taste, and chewy texture. 

Secondly, there is no animal-derived ingredient in sour patch kids, which is a prominent reason why vegans eat this candy. 

Is the sugar used in sour patch kids vegan friendly? 

It varies significantly because some companies use a cane sugar and beet mixture to make sour patch kids. However, some use sugar which contains bone char which is not a vegan-friendly product. 

Therefore, it is pretty tricky to decide if the sugar used in sour patch kids is vegan-friendly. 

Frequently Asked Question

Are sour patch kids halal?

Sour patch kids are halal by nature because they contain sugar, acids, cane syrup, and other plant-derived ingredients. There are no alcoholic and animal-derived ingredients in these candies so you can eat them without any hesitation. 

What are the alternatives to sour patch kids? 

If you are very conscious about the ingredients used in sour patch kids, you can choose many vegan-friendly alternatives. 

Yumearth beans

Smart, sweet fish 


Sour Viking 

Project 7 

What are the varieties of sour patch kids? 

The varieties of sour patch kids that you can choose are as follows; 

  • Sour patch watermelons
  • Sour patch chillers
  • Sour punch straws
  • Blue raspberry sour patch 
  • Sour patch lineups 
  • Peach sour patch
  • Sour patch bunnies

Aside from all these exciting flavors of sour patch kids, blue raspberry is the most delicious and common one in kids. 

Can you make sour patch kids at home? 

Yeah, you can make healthy sour patches at home. Take ingredients like sugar, citrus fruits, and citric acid and make a mixture. 

Pour the mixture into a baking pan and use different shapers to make some exciting shapes of your candy. Enjoy it after sprinkling some sugar. 

Moreover, this sweet, tangy candy is a healthy way to satisfy kids’ cravings and add vitamins to their diet. 

Can you eat gum instead of eating sour patch, kids? 

Yes, you can eat gum instead of eating sour patch kids. Chewing gum can reduce the risks of cavities and reduce acidity in the mouth. Moreover, it can destroy the bacteria in the mouth to lower the chances of illness. 

Wrap up 

Sour patch kids are a flavourful candy with a soft, sweet center and a sour coating, making it worth eating. 

This tasty candy is available in several flavors to choose from, and enjoy your favorite one. 

Sour patch kids contain plant-derived ingredients like cane syrup, sugar, artificial flavors & colors, tartaric acid, citrus acid, etc. All these ingredients make this candy vegan friendly. 

Moreover, if you are not still satisfied with this delight’s ingredients, you can buy other healthy alternatives from the market.  

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