Izzy Eats: Carvery @ The Sportsman

written by Izzy Rust January 24, 2016

9-year-old Izzy shares her dining experience at The Sportsman Carvery, Withdean, Brighton


I’d like to introduce you to one of my favourite Brighton food bloggers, Izz Eats. Unlike most 9-year-olds, Izzy’s food palate is very discerning and she regularly enjoys tucking into winkles, oysters and mussels. In fact, Izzy tried her very first oyster at just 18 months old. Ever since then she’s been a lover of the delicacy.

I love dining out with Izzy as she knows what she likes and she’s never afraid to tell you exactly what she thinks. Yesterday we went along to The Sportsman Carvery at Withdean to see what Izzy made of it. Here’s her review:

Izzy outside the Sportsman Cavery


“Today I went to The Sportsman, a restaurant in Hove to guest blog with a fellow blogger Eshe, my mum’s friend from work who also does a food blog. We went for the Carvery being absolutely honest it wasn’t one of the best restaurants I have ever been to but it was good fun all the same and did I mention it was free, if not it was. The point in a carvery is that you go up and help yourself to food.

The Sportsman Cavery Menu

A vast menu, not just with roasts

Here is a list of all the things we ate.

Normal Carvery (Me): Including chips (with not nice potato skin on them blurrrrrrr) ,turkey (drrrry), peas, yorkshired puds, sausage (the waiter said I couldn’t have one but I had one anyway – ha waiter), stuffing – yum, roast pots ok but had skin, really thick skin.

King Carvery (Eshe): Same but with beef and onion gravy and carrots (yuk).

yum yum except for the carrots.

Mum had a sandwich, well-done mum very imaginative.

Izzy at the Cavery

Izzy making her carvery selection

Izzy and her cavery roast dinner

Izzy’s fully laden plate (plus a cheeky sausage)

I also ordered what I called death by ice-cream but what was actually called bottomless ice-cream but the cool thing about it was the fact that you could go up over and over and over until you burst.

But there wasn’t a wide variety of choice only vanilla but there was choco sauce and strawberry so it wasn’t all bad.

Izzy with bottomless ice cream at The Sportsman

Izzy tucking into her bottomless ice cream

Although the drinks were also very decent my lemonade was fizzy cold and it looked like mum and Eshe were enjoying their wine, 7 up and sparkling water, again very imaginative mum.

Izzy with her lemonade

Izzy enjoying a large lemonade

But I’m sorry restaurant owners but your toilets had a strong odour of urine. PS: that’s not a nice smell

After our meal I read some poetry mum and Eshe, here is one I know of by heart:

Small brothers blame you

Big ones skulk

Mothers shame you

Sisters sulk

Dads won’t budge unless you shove em

But there family so you might as well love em

But the poem they found funniest was called the day the telly broke down but that one is really long so I can’t do it now.

Eshe is one of the nicest food bloggers I have ever met, even if I haven’t met any other she is still the nicest. I feel a poem coming on:

We made a deal

To take me out for a meal

The staff were ok I guess

With no drink spillages or mess

It was so like Eshe

To stop mess hey

We laughed and laughed

Until we nearly barfed

I started choking

But I was only joking

And with the humour of a clown

And never a frown

Eshe I really like you


That’s all folks (copy cat from Looney tunes) see you soon bye.”

Izzy will be making more guest appearances in the future, but it you want more of her, you can follow her brilliant blog IzzEats over here: https://izzeats.wordpress.com/



PRICING: £27.77 for 2 adults & 1 child (£5.95 for a large carvery, £4.39 for a standard & £1.99 for ice cream)
RATING: 3.5/5 – Izzy’s rating

WEBSITE: www.crowncarveries.co.uk
PHONE: 01273 330055
ADDRESS: Withdean Stadium, Tongdean Lane, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 5JD
TWITTER: @CrownCarveries
FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/crowncarveries


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