Did you know there’s a Brighton Butter?

by Eshé Brown
KNOB Butter, Brighton Butter

Shopping Local: KNOB Butter, Brighton Butter Co

Brighton butter, made by hand and supporting the local small dairy industry

I was on Twitter the other day and a funny little tweet from KNOB Butter popped up and caught my eye. I laughed out loud, and cheered silently inside because here was a brand with a personality and a sense of humour trying to grab my attention, instead of a faceless corporation bleating their product at me. With my curiosity sparked, I decided to investigate what this humorous little business was all about.

Brighton Butter Co, I discovered, is a hyper-local Brighton business, founded by entrepreneur Helen Craig-Daffern. Helen had the idea to start making KNOB butter in September last year, whilst working at The Hearth, an artisan bakery in Lewes.

She told me:

I witnessed the sourdough artisan bread revolution unfold before my eyes – it was amazing to see and got me thinking – people were buying beautiful handmade bread and slapping Anchor or whatever on it! There just wasn’t a butter out there that had been made by a person and not a factory — I turned 30, had my degree from Sussex, my son Loen, now 8, and was working part-time for lovely people, but I wanted to give more. I applied to The Prince’s Trust to give me the support to start something for me and my son. I settled on butter as I love it so very much. So many happy memories involve the taste texture and pleasure derived from this glorious fat!

The Brighton butter is hand-churned and made using simply, cream and sea salt. No other ingredients. Helen also sources the cream direct from small family run dairies within Sussex, that farm in a “gentle & traditional way” and allow “the cows, the land, the produce and the people all share in the benefits of a sustainable and delicious future”.

I have pledged to only ever use Sussex cream to ensure my product is fully local and supports the local small dairy industry. I currently use Downsview cream which comes from Ringmer cows. My butter is the only purely Sussex butter available. I also use Sel de Guérande sea salt from Brittany as it’s mineral rich and beautifully grey. My butter will always be entirely grass fed for the nutritional quality to be at it’s best for our health & digestion.

This brings me nicely onto the price. At £3.75 for 200g, it is one of the most expensive packets on the shelf, which unfortunately makes it less accessible to all and certainly not something I can afford to buy regularly. However, in terms of its quality, there’s no doubting that it’s high. The flavour is very distinctive, sweet and salty and deliciously creamy with a faint twang of cheese. I’ve tried it on crumpets, hot cross buns (because Easter is just around the corner) and even at the recent MAW pop up, with truffle added to it. Each time the beautifully buttery flavour has stopped me in my tracks and I’ve not found it easy to stop gorging on it.

The way I see it though, if you want to continue to take walks on our glorious Sussex Downs and be met by dairy cows along the way, we have got to support local dairy farmers in this way and buy products like this when we can. If you wish to try KNOB butter (and I’m recommending you do) you can buy direct from Helen at Florence Road Market on Saturdays or, from either HiSbe on York Place, or Food Shed Co-Op in the Open Market.

KNOB Butter & Hot Cross BunsKNOB Butter, Brighton Butter

Go-on, treat yourself, give it a try!


KNOB Butter – Brighton Butter Co

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The Purley Girly April 5, 2017 - 9:59 AM

Ooh that butter on the hot cross buns sounds so yummy! I love little local products like this – especially when the companies behind it have some good banter.


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