Lickle More, Hove

by Eshé Brown
lickle more fried dumpling

Always tempting me to eat a ‘Lickle More’ then I should…

It probably won’t be a surprise to any of you than when I’m feeling a bit blue food is usually what cheers me up, and for several years now one particular place has always had the desired effect.

Growing up in a family where one side is Jamaican, the smell of Caribbean spices and the chatter of the family coming together to cook and talk is a memory that always brings a smile to my face.

For the past few years one place has always brought these happy memories flooding back and lifted me from my funk, so I thought it was about time I shared my secret – though I doubt it will be new news to many of you.

Hidden away in a small dead end road between George Street, Tesco and St Andrew’s Church in Hove is the Lickle More food truck. Get within fifty feet on any weekday or Saturday lunchtime and you will find yourself instantly salivating from the wondrous smells that fill the air.lickle more haddington street

If the smell doesn’t get you, the long queue that almost always exists from when they open at 12 pm to when they invariably sell out around 5 pm will catch your eye.

Servicing classic Caribbean dishes in simple plastic tubs to take away or eat on the few tables that dot the pavement, I can rarely ever just buy one dish. Typically, I’ll order both the jerk chicken and curry goat and whatever I don’t eat there and then or in my car will be eaten before the day is through.

The family run business has kept it simple and authentic and it really does work. The jerk chicken is cooked on a drum BBQ that constantly churns out warm spice soaked smoke from alongside the kitchen. The meat is always tender, cooked perfectly and with crispy skin. The slow cooked goat curry simply melts in your mouth and has the perfect amount of spice that leaves your mouth tingling at a level just comfortable but with the addictive part where you always want just one more mouthful. Served with “rice and peas” (aka kidney beans) if I close my eyes – and it’s a sunny day – I am taken back to the roadside food stalls my dad took me too in Jamaica when I first visited. lickle more curried goat lickle more fried dumpling lickle more hove

Lickle More also offers a few other traditional Caribbean dishes – ackee & saltfish and stewed chicken for example but the jerk and the curry goat are the only dishes I have tried. One recommendation for you, wash your takeaway down with a can of the Pineapple Soda or Ting – two Caribbean carbonated drinks that blow Coca-Cola or Fanta out of the water.


PRICE: £13 (for 2 people plus dumplings and drinks)
RATING: Must Go | Give it a Miss | Worth a Try

As my very own kitchen continues to be built I’m falling more and more in love with places like Lickle More, which keep it real with simple, tasty and authentic food – for a bargain price.

So thanks, Lickle More for always being there for me x

Lickle More
Haddington Street, Hove, BN3 2AD


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Alf Brown June 3, 2017 - 8:20 PM

I got to try Lickle more!


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