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by Simon Livermore

A review of NuPosto Neapolitan Pizzeria

In search of a truly classic Italian Pizza


NuPosto Neapolitan Pizzeria

Day/Time Ordered:
Wednesday 30th Mar, 18.46

Order Method:

Delivery Time:
24mins – quoted 47 mins

The Order:

  • Vesuvio £8.50
  • Vietri £9.50


How Much?:
£20.50 including £2.50 delivery charge

Takeaway Boy Rating:

Microwave meal

The Review

Nuposto Takeaway BoxesOf the 49 countries I have been lucky enough to visit, Italy ranks near the top of all-time favourites. With a rich history, jaw-dropping architecture, glorious weather, friendly people and most of all mouth-watering food.

Pizza is, of course, one of the staple meals and I ensure whenever I visit I consume as much as possible, as generally the version of pizza we are served in the UK is somewhat a distant relative to the original. The original consists of a light, thin base made from fresh dough, smothered with a sauce simply made from juicy tomatoes, fresh basil and a pinch of salt that bursts with flavour. Toppings are usually more about the quality than the quantity. Often thin slices of aged ham or salami complement the subtle sweetness of the mozzarella.

The majority of UK equivalents have a much thicker base, often less sauce and an unnecessary obsession with combining all manner of toppings, regardless of whether the flavours actually work well together or not. The next time you are in London visit Pizza Pilgrims and you will get as close to a taste of the streets of Italy as I have found outside the country.

So having heard many good things about NuPosto I was looking forward to the order I had just placed via Deliveroo. I was going through my review set-up – checking the camera and lighting – when the doorbell sounded. The food had arrived in almost half the time quoted.

I always do a quick temperature check before I take the photos and am accustomed now to eating it slightly cooler, all in the name of getting the best pictures for the blog. Having had it arrive so quickly I was disappointed to find it was luke warm. On the plus side it looked the part and memories of Rome, Venice and Florence came flooding back.

Photos completed Eshé and I excited tucked in. Sadly I was still disappointed. The base was akin to the version I have enjoyed in Italy, but the flavour was overwhelmingly salty. I appreciate the Ventricina (a spicy salami) is salted and a traditional Neapolitan sauce contains salt but it was so overpowering it tainted the other flavours. The other ingredient of the Vesuvio is chilli. I’ll admit I would happily add chillies to my cornflakes, such is my love, so I have a higher tolerance than most. However, they were conspicuous by the absence both in appearance and taste.

Nuposto Takeaway review

Nuposto Pizza delivery via Deliveroo


Nuposto Ventricina Pizza

Ventricina Pizza

Eshé felt much the same about her Vietri. Served without a sauce the toppings had the limelight and they didn’t quite take the opportunity to shine. The Capocollo (traditional Italian pork cold cut) was also overly salty and the rocket and plum tomatoes lacked the punch that you would typically expect. Most disappointing was the mozzarella, which was congealed and rubbery, not soft and stretchy like elastic.

Nuposto Vietri Pizza

Nuposto Vietri Pizza

Nuposto Brighton Review

Congealed and Rubbery Mozzarella

The Verdict

I know NuPosto has many admirers but it sadly didn’t deliver for me. Eshé has also dined in twice before and left disappointed on each occasion. The fact it wasn’t hot was a surprise when many other pizza deliveries arrive piping hot. The overly salty flavour though was my real reason for a low rating. There is a line in the 1994 movie Threesome by Stephen Baldwin’s character, which I have always applied to Pizza eating, “Sex is like pizza. When it’s bad, it’s still pretty good”. Sadly this really wasn’t and for the first time in a long time, I didn’t actually finish a pizza. My search for a classic pizza in Brighton goes on… and for me it’s a No Posto!

PHONE: 01273 207777
ADDRESS: 14 West Street, Brighton BN1 2RE

TWITTER: @Nuposto

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