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by Simon Livermore
Pho Restaurant Brighton

A review of Pho Brighton takeaway

Discovered in Ho Chi Minh, delivered to Hove


Pho – Vietnamese street food

Day/Time Ordered:

Thursday 11th Feb, 19:32

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Delivery Time:

31 mins – quoted 47 mins

The Order:

  • Chicken Goi Cuon
  • Pho Xao Chicken with no nuts
  • Ca-ri chicken with no nuts


Nuroc Cham dipping sauce

How Much?

£25.25 inc: £2.50 delivery charge

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Pho Rating

The Review

My takeaway choices of the last few weeks, whilst generally very good, hadn’t been overly healthy. When a friend of mine on a strict diet came over for a catch-up, it presented a great opportunity to see if she could stick to the rules of her diet and enjoy some takeout.

I asked her to do some research on what may be suitable and she was surprised how little there was to support. Few websites show specific details of calorie levels or advice on diet-friendly dishes.

Pho Brighton Pho Restaurant Brighton-5

One that did stand out was Pho, a Vietnamese street food restaurant situated on Black Lion Street. The website boasts how only fresh ingredients are used and has a really handy nutritional guide, giving detailed information on all menu items. My dining companion had also visited Vietnam so had firsthand experience to reference the quality of the food against.

To start we shared the Chicken Goi Cuon. The four rice paper rolls, served cold were packed full of crunchy carrot, mint, coriander, vermicelli & pickle. As someone who isn’t a fan of salad or raw vegetables, this was not something I would ever typically pick. I was, therefore, surprised at just how much I enjoyed them. You could taste the freshness in every bite and I certainly felt like I was eating a healthy meal; and with just 160 calories per portion, I was. The Nuroc Cham sauce – a traditional fish dipping vinaigrette – added a subtle salty edge which enhanced the other flavours well.

Pho Restaurant Brighton-10

Chicken Goi Cuon

For the main my friend had Pho Xao Chicken with no nuts. The Pho Xao is a Vietnamese equivalent to the more commonly known Thai dish of Phad Thai. The chicken is served with wok-fried noodles and assorted Asian greens. The chicken was tender and tinged with lemongrass and chilli, whilst the crunch of the al denté greens contrasted well with the soft perfectly cooked wok fried noodles.

This wasn’t the healthiest choice on the menu with 445 calories but was still acceptable as an option for my friends diet ‘celebration night’ allowance. It was also much healthier than many other takeaway options if you take for example a single large slice of a Dominos Meat Feast Pizza, with a classic crust, containing almost half this amount of calories.

Pho Restaurant Brighton - Pho Xao Chicken

Pho Xao Chicken

Though I was keen to support my friend’s diet, I wasn’t on one myself and had the Ca-ri chicken with no nuts. With 796 calories it is one of the least healthy options on the menu but every bite was worth it. The coconut milk based curry is packed full of potato, carrot, peppers and mushrooms. Even without the additional nuts, the flavour is similar to a Massaman and the lemongrass and lime add a fresh zing to the aromatic sauce.

Pho Restaurant Brighton - Ca-ri chicken

Ca-ri chicken

The Verdict

Whilst Pho is an ever-growing national chain and I typically prefer to eat from local independent takeaways this is definitely one for the repeat list. The back story of the couple who founded Pho adds a nice human touch: Inspired to set up their first restaurant after travelling Vietnam, it just shows travelling can be the greatest of inspirations.

The portion sizes were good, though not enough for leftovers the next day, and the freshness and quality of the food was top drawer. The nutritional guide is a really handy little feature for those who are keen to know the specific details of what they are eating. It has left me keen to make a trip to Vietnam and see just how authentic it is. How much are flights to Hanoi?

Pho Restaurant Brighton-13

PHONE: 01273 202403
ADDRESS: 12 Black Lion Street, Brighton BN1 1ND

TWITTER: @PhoRestaurant
FACEBOOK: PhoRestaurant
INSTAGRAM: @PhoRestaurant

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Tania March 21, 2016 - 9:51 AM

Thank you so much for doing this, this is exactly what we need! I love reading your reviews and recommendations, have tried a lot of them, and have been impressed!

Takeaway Boy March 21, 2016 - 5:41 PM

Hi Tania, thank you so much for the kind words and glad you enjoy the posts. I find it encourages me to try and discover lots of exciting new places rather than reverting to the same dishes and places each time. Always appreciate and welcome feedback and any suggestions. Thanks Takeaway Boy ;o)


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