As well as dining out a lot, I also love to cook meals from scratch with a little help from my favourite chefs and supermarkets. I was brought up cooking seasonally, using produce grown in our garden at home and this is the route of my passion for food. You can follow what I’m cooking each week in my kitchen and recreate the recipes yourself by exploring the posts below.

  • If there’s one thing that gets me in the mood for Christmas it’s that first glass of mulled wine and this family recipe is a fail-safe. We usually have it on Christmas eve with homemade mince pie as we’re wrapping up the last of the Christmas presents.

  • I love making these hot chocolate spoons because ever since I was a child I’ve always had a milky drink before bed. My mum would make one for me when I was younger and as I’ve grown older it’s a habit I’ve continued as a way to encourage sleepiness before getting ready for bed.

  • If you tuned into the new Christmas series of the Hairy Bikers on BBC 1, you may have recognised a familiar face on the programme… me! I was lucky enough to be invited on to the show to make four festive foodie gifts, one of which was these candied chocolate orange sweets.

  • It seems today you can get a gadget for anything, especially when it comes to the kitchen. My collection already includes a breadmaker, a sandwich toaster, an ice cream machine, a juicer and even an electric egg boiler (don’t judge me it’s amazing!) Despite this rather large collection, I’ve made room for a new item… Say hello to the Veggie Bullet.

  • With Easter just around the corner, the Cadbury press office got in touch with me with a challenge… “make a recipe with our Creme Eggs”. They sent me a selection of recipes designed by family baker Rinkoff and what felt like a lifetime supply of Creme Eggs to play with. But me being me, (fiercely independent and far too ambitious for my own good), I decided to try my hand at designing my own recipe.

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