Noo Noodles, Brighton

by Eshé Brown
Noo Noodles Brighton

*Noo Noodles has now closed*

New to Brighton, Noo Noodles Offers Hot ‘N’ Healthy, Build Your Own Noodles

There’s been an influx of burger restaurants and pizzerias in Brighton of late and whilst I enjoy both, they aren’t in the least bit healthy. Thus, the discovery that a brand new noodle bar, called Noo Noodles, had popped out in Brighton, had me very excited.

Build Your Own Noodles

Noo Noodles sits on Cranbourne Street, just on your way up to Churchill Square and is independently owned, with two branches in Brighton and Southend-on-Sea. The offering is a create your own service of Asian fusion noodles, cooked fresh on the wok, with seating both inside and out.

My first visit was over a month ago when I just happened to walk past and spot it had just opened. After a brilliant first experience, I went back the very next day  and a third time for the press launch party. Each time I’ve been thoroughly impressed with the flavour, speed and quality of my orders, as well as the filling portions.

Noo Noodles Brighton Cranbourne Street

Noo Noodles Brighton Graffiti

Seductive Aromas Rising From The Wok

Peering through into the kitchen, via the perspex window on my first visit, I watched hungrily as the wok chefs flipped and tossed the fresh ingredients in front of my eyes. With the aromas seducing my taste buds it wasn’t long before I gave up resisting and jumped in line to build my own box.

Noo Noodles Wok Chefs

Wok chefs work their magic in the kitchen

Noo Noodles Cooking With Flames

It’s getting hot in here – 200°C hot!

Boxes come in two sizes, regular at £6.50 or, half size at £4.50 (perfect for lunch), with the option to add extra ingredients for as little at 40p. There are four different types of noodle to choose from; Egg (the yellow ones), Rice (the flat white ones), Udon (the thick ones) or Vermicelli (the super thin ones). Or, you can go for rice as a base instead.

After this, it’s time to choose one of seven Asian sauces, a protein ranging from beef to prawns and from cashew nuts to tofu and then the choice of one of many kinds of vegetable. Finally, the chef throws them all into the wok and after a flip and a toss, a choice of free garnishes (from fresh coriander to sesame seeds or chilli oil) are sprinkled on top to finish the dish.

Cooked Fresh & Fast Each Day

To ensure the goodness of all the ingredients is retained and the zest of their flavour is fully brought out, the dishes are cooked fast, at temperatures of over 200°C. During the launch party, I met the Head Chef KC and he invited me into the kitchen to see how incredibly hot and fast the temperature rises. Armed with an infrared thermometer pointed at the I witnessed as the temperature gauge rose from a zero, to 30°C  right up  200°C in seconds. Impressive stuff.


Noo Noodles Box

Chicken Noodle, Fix Wok Box – Regular Size, £8

On my first couple of visits, I had gone for the build your own boxes, sticking to egg noodles with chicken both times, but with variations of veggies and sauces. However, on press night I took advantage of the chance to try one of the Fix Wok Boxes, opting for the priciest option on the menu – the Lobster Meal at £14.

A Struggle To Finish

It was the best of the dishes to date and packed full of protein from the huge chunky lobster tails to the generous handful of cashew nuts. Tossed in with this and my egg noodles were also broccoli, red sweet pepper, coriander, spring onion, sesame seeds, egg, bean sprouts, carrots and cabbage. It really was a struggle to finish the feast.

My friend Corryn went for one of the fusion dishes instead, a pasta style carbonara, made with egg noodles, carbonara sauce with bacon, Parmigiana cheese and a pinch of coriander. I had a mouthful and couldn’t believe how good it tasted. Noo Noodles had nailed the whole menu.



Build Your Own Noodles, Regular Size, £7.30


RATING: Must Go | Worth A Try | Give It A Miss
SCORES ON THE DOORS: Awaiting inspection

Writing this blog and eating out constantly means I need to watch what I eat occasionally. So, if you consider that just one portion of Noo Noodles boxes contain almost all the daily recommended vitamins and minerals a person needs, it is just what my waistline and Brighton needs. You could also easily spend £7-£8 in Pret or Leon and not have nearly as nice a lunch.

Need to Know

Noo Noodles can be ordered online and either delivered via Deliveroo or collected at the branch. It’s also worth grabbing a #NooFriends reward card to collect loyalty points each time you visit. Oh, and if post a photo of your Noo Noodle boxes to Instagram, tagging and mentioning #NooWanted you’ll be entered into a monthly prize draw to win 7 free noodle boxes (the winner being the entrant with the most likes on their photo that month).

Noo Noodles
14 Cranbourne Street, Brighton
01273 770722


So, where else can I find great fresh and fragrant Noodles in Brighton? Leave me a comment below and let me and other readers know. Additionally, if you liked this post and think you’d like to try Noo Noodles out, click the little heart button below, or tweet me @FoodieEshe.

*Disclosure I attended the press launch and received complimentary noodle box, but as always my opinion isn’t swayed by freebies and you are getting my honest view on the whole experience.

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