SIX, Brighton

by Eshé Brown

SIX, Brighton’s first cold-pressed cocktail bar

As a Brighton resident for almost three decades, I remember SIX before it was The Good Food Club, Hove Kitchen and Barneys. Before all of those, it was Richards and it was “the place to been seen”. On a sunny afternoon, it wasn’t uncommon to see Mercs, Audis or BMWs parked out front of the five-shop stretch on double yellows, unconcerned by a guaranteed parking fine.

SIX Brighton 10

Newly relaunched in November last year, SIX is marketing itself as an organic, cold-press juice & cocktail bar – come Brasserie restaurant, presumably looking to attract the wealthy, Brighton health-con scene. It ticks all the expected boxes – food sourced locally where possible and vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free offerings aplenty on the menu.

SIX Brighton 6

The interior décor is predominantly neutral hues, alongside accents of lime green and grey-black. The restaurant is split up into sections. The intimate and ambient Dining Room, with an impressive dried flower feature that hangs from the ceiling, intertwined with fairy-lights. The more relaxed and informal Brasserie-style dining area and finally, the cocktail bar offering raw 42, juices, mylks and cold-pressed cocktails.

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SIX Brighton 1

Last weekend I dined at SIX with a large party of 21. To start I ordered Calamari con Zucchini, £7, which was a well-balanced dish. Feather light and delicately salted batter encompassed generously cut squid rings alongside slim swirls of courgette. To dip, a tart garlic and courgette mayonnaise spread over a warmed plate with a sprinkle of various purple edible flowers to garnish.

My main course, Garlic & Ginger Pork, £14, was the dining highlight and in my enthusiasm to share it, I found myself offering far too much to the guests each side of me. The beautifully tender pork medallion was smothered in a rich, caramelised jam infused with chilli, ginger and garlic. The only disappointment was the dauphinoise potatoes described as the accompaniment on the menu were absent from the plate. Instead, there was a sunny yellow mash potato served in a miniature copper saucepan. I believe the mash to be saffron dyed, which visually worked very well. Upon eating, I also noticed a few lumps had been missed in the mashing process.

By dessert I was full, but I opted for the lemon sorbet, £2.50 per scoop, to cleanse my palette. Two scoops were served but if you opt for this I would suggest one is more than enough. I also had a little taste of my guest’s dessert, Rustic Apple Tart, £5, which was beautifully light and pleasantly sweet. Despite being full I could have easily eaten this all to myself such was its deliciousness.

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There are very few restaurants in this city that can cater for 21 people to this high standard, so for that alone SIX has won me over. Although there was a minor disappointment with my main course, overall the food was very good. I will caveat this though by pointing out that I pre-ordered the bulk of our meal a week before we dined, which helped ensure the dishes came out in quick succession. Most importantly to note, we all said we’d like to dine again and explore more of the temptations on the menu.

PRICE: £46 per head (three courses + wine & cocktails)
RATING: Must Go | Worth A Visit | Give It A Miss


  • SIX offers a set menu with 2 courses for £9 and 3 courses for £12 – Monday to Friday, 12pm-6pm
  • Breakfasts are £5-£8 and served every day from 9am-1pm
  • Sunday roasts are £12-£14, each week, from 12pm

Phone: 01273 725495
Address: 102-106 Western Road, Brighton & Hove, BN3 1FA
Twitter: @SIXbrighton

Have you tried SIX yet? How was your experience? And what do you think of the new simpler rating system? Shall I keep reviewing like this? Leave me a comment below and let me know – I love to hear from readers.

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*Interior photography from SIX Brighton Facebook page.

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