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by Eshé Brown
the kari club recipe box

Brighton chef launches the UK’s first Indian recipe box – The Kari Club

Do you enjoy cooking? Do you love authentic Indian food? If the answer is yes to both you should check out The Kari Club – the new venture from Minesh Agnihotri, founder of Brighton’s award-winning Indian restaurant, Indian Summer.

What is The Kari Club?

The Kari Club is brand new Indian recipe box designed for people who love to cook and delivered to your door. Each box includes all the fresh ingredients in the quantities needed, to cook authentic Indian dishes from scratch. That means all the essential spices, vegetables, meat or fish, plus chapati flour and even the sunflower oil and Himalayan salt. Boxes are designed for 1, 2 or 4 people and priced at £20, £25 or £40 + free delivery.

How does it work?

If you have tried HelloFresh recipe boxes but want more of a challenge – these are the perfect step up. It’s best to think of them as guided Indian cookery class delivered at home. As well as quality ingredients, sourced from suppliers that work with the likes of The Cinnamon Club, the Kari Club box also comes with an illustrated recipe card and video tutorials –  I recommend cooking along with these on a tablet/laptop alongside you. Each recipe takes 60-90 minutes (90+ if you’re trying to take photos as well) from start to finish because you will be rustling up a main course, a side vegetable dish, rice and freshly made chapatis.

My Experience

Having tried out two of the boxes last weekend – the Mamaji’s Chicken and the vegetarian Baingan Bharta – featuring a wonderfully smoked aubergine curry, I was very impressed with how tasty the end product was and how well packaged it arrived. The instructions would benefit from a little tweaking to make them crystal clear, but overall it was well thought out and beautifully designed. It’s also worth giving the recipe a thorough read through before you begin cooking.

The chicken arrived in a cooler bag, separated from the fresh veggies and spice pots with folded corrugated card and almost everything was labelled with descriptions or numbers, which reminded me of the painting by numbers kits I did as a kid. The only item requiring better labelling on the recipe card was the birdseye and green chillies, which for someone unfamiliar with the difference could result in a very feisty Parsnip & Ginger Thoran!

One of the little touches that I thought was brilliant on the recipe card were the call-out tips which included: “make sure the cashew paste is really smooth” and “warming the lime in your hand helps burst open the segments inside making it easier to juice” . I noticed that Minesh had thoughtfully provided wine suggestions and nutritional information on the back of the cards too – bonus!

I’ll admit I didn’t get everything perfect first time but this is down to me being a little too ambitious and attempting to prepare two boxes alongside each other, which required far too much mental agility than I had after a night out drinking. The result was my rice went a bit Pete Tong… and I abandoned any attempt of making two different flavoured rice and two Thoran sides, sticking to just the carrot Thoran and cumin infused rice. Had I played it safe with one box I would definitely have nailed it.

There was also a small typo the Mamaji’s Chicken illustrated recipe card – the oil measurement should be 175ml (not 75ml) but luckily I realised the correct amount was featured on the website recipe and in the video and all turned out well. My advice with this (and in fact most recipes) is to prep everything you can in advance and then begin cooking, so you avoid juggling the cooking and prepping.

In terms of portions, you certainly won’t go hungry. Both my two boxes were packed for two people and fed three of us very easily – with plenty of leftovers for us for lunch the next day.


The boxes come on a monthly basis and you can choose which week of the month you would like it to arrive. They will also arrive before 4pm within a 2-hour window, which the courier will email to confirm, so just in time for dinner!


I find cooking is a wonderful way to wind down, providing there’s no rush to deliver the goods! I also love learning how to cook new dishes from an expert who can share their tips and tricks and teach you the why behind a recipe. The Kari Club Indian recipe box offered me all these things, which is why I am happy recommending it.

The main benefit I see in this product is in having exactly what you need to make a meal you reduce food waste. If you live on your own or in a couple, it can be expensive or wasteful to get all the different ingredients you need in from specialist shops. I’ve easily spent £30 in Taj for a recipe with a long list of ingredients and had more than I needed – whereas this makes far more sense to me. Yes, there’s a fair bit of packaging but it’s all recyclable which it isn’t always the way at the supermarket.

OFFER: 50% off The Kari Club

If you like the sound of the box you can get 50% off your first one using the code ‘EASTER’ at the checkout from today (up until Friday 6th April). Choose a box for 1, 2 or 4 people, which with discount works out as £10, £12.50 or £20 + free delivery, select either a meat or vegetarian option and hit ‘checkout’. And don’t worry about being tied in to buy for a whole year as your subscription can be switched on or off at any point.

Visit to order your first box and get cooking!

 *Disclaimer The Kari Club sent me sample boxes in exchange for an honest review.

What do you think of recipe boxes and would you try out The Kari Club?
Leave me a comment below and let me know. I’d love to hear if you give it whirl and take up the discount!

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Jarvis Weaver March 31, 2018 - 12:20 AM

The main benefit I see is restaurant quality food, cooked by yourself. Truly astonishing. As well as less cost, less waste and less packaging than buying it individually you also benefit from better ingredients sourced by Minesh than you can get on the high st.

Eshé Brown March 31, 2018 - 7:52 PM

This is true Jarvis! I think because the meals I eat at home are always so good (I am lucky to have a family of excellent cooks/chefs) that I forget others may not eat so well! I stand corrected, that is definitely the main benefit 🙂 Thanks for commenting!


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