Shakespeare’s Head Pub, Brighton

by Eshé Brown
Pork Belly Roast Dinner

The Shakespeare’s Head (AKA Shakies) is renowned for two things. The first is it’s Sausage & Mash Menu. No that’s not a gimmick, it’s an actual masterpiece! The sausage menu contains 11 varieties of meat sausages and 5 veggie/vegan ones. Not to mention the 10 twists of mash potato and 4 sorts of gravy… basically you’d have to eat here everyday for a year to cover all the possible combinations!

Shakespeares Head 4

Among the usual favourites like Pork & Apple and Cumberland, there’s also Wild Boar Venison, Pork & Chorizo and Beef & Chilli for the more adventurous taste buds. And the mash follows suit, with tantalising options such as Honey Carrots & Parsnip, Celeriac & Leek and Sweet Potato & Sage Butter. Sausage and mash at Shakies will set you back £8.95, plus £2 for each side dish.

Shakespeares Head Pub Brighton

The second thing it’s renowned for is its quality roasts, which have been known to sell out by 2pm! As today was a Sunday it was naturally a roast dinner day. Catherine went for the Vegan option: The Spinach and Mushroom Wellington (£8.95) and I went for the Pork Belly with crackling and homemade apple sauce (£10.95). Both came with roast potatoes, seasonal veg and a homemade yorkshire pud.

Vegetarian Spinach and Mushroom Wellington

The food was incredible, perfect crackling, piping hot and drowning in gravy. The only improvement could be on the Yorkshire pud, which was a bit overdone and I personally prefer to be little fluffy as opposed to crispy. Other than that though, you’d be hard pushed to find a roast dinner with more flavour in Brighton.

One of the best things about Shakies though is the staff. Always friendly, welcoming and patient. I remember one particular night-cap with Catherine we were nattering away and didn’t notice that everyone else had left the pub. Poor Dan and Leanne were patiently waiting for us to finish our drinks so they could skip off home.

Dan & Leanne Shakespeare's Head

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PRICE: £13pp (including a couple of soft drinks)
RATING: 4.5/5

With all these things considered, it’s easy to see why Shakies is my number 1 favourite pub in Brighton for good food, good booze and a chin-wag!

ADDRESS1 Chatham Place, Brighton
TWITTER: @shakiespub

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