Social Board, Kemptown

by Eshé Brown
Sandwiches and sides from Social Board in Brighton

“If the best sex of your life looked like a sandwich, this would be it.”

It’s been a long time since I penned a blog. So long that I realised I’d forgotten my login details when I tried to sign in. I’m not going to lie, it’s been a real joy eating out without having to take detailed tasting notes or carry a camera and lenses the equivalent weight of a bag of sugar. 

However, seeing some of my favourite independent food businesses struggle and sadly close at the start of this year (and now because of Coronavirus) has given me the impetus I needed to get back in the game and support the places that deserve it. So let me get onto the fab find I discovered last year: Social Board, Sandwich Shop, on St James’ Street in Brighton.

Friends, Atilla and Tomasz opened Social Board in July 2018 with the aim of creating a sandwich restaurant that they would want to eat at every day of the week and in my view they’ve done themselves proud. I think at one point I was there every week for a month, much to the detriment of my thighs.

The whole reason I first tried this place is because they slid into my DMs and invited me, but since that first visit I’ve been back more than 5 times, such is my admiration for their seriously sexy sandwiches.

Crispy Halloumi Bites
Crispy Arancini Balls
Brighton Philly: Beef Sandwich

Sexy? I hear you say. How can a sandwich be sexy? Well, take this Porchetta sandwich and there’s your case in point. It’s juicy, absolutely oozing homemade salsa verde and the pork is practically falling out onto the table. I’m gagging for it just looking at the photo. And just look at that sourdough bap… baked and delivered fresh, everyday by one of our great local indes, The Flour Pot Bakery. Altogether it’s a recipe for pure pleasure.

Porchetta: Pork Sandwich

I’ll never forget my very first sandwich at Social Board. It was the Beef Philly, generously filled with locally sourced, grass-fed beef rump, topped with a beautiful honey mustard mayo, red onion marmalade, gherkins and watercress. I have never tasted a beef sandwich so good – in fact it was the best sandwich of my life.

And when I told them this they decided to put it on a swing board outside their second branch – a takeaway hatch on Castle Square, close to East Street.

The menu at their Castle Square site is slightly different, think sloppy joe but better, but truth be told, I prefer the sandwiches at the Kemptown branch because they do the beef and porchetta here. However, if you’re vegan/plant-based both sites have some great options specifically for you.

Social Board site at Castle Square
A "small" sandwich to-go
Social Board Owner, Atilla
Social Board in Kemptown


Rating: Must Go | Worth a Try | Give it a Miss

I work in the centre of town, right by Brighton Dome Ticket Office and it takes me precisely 10 minutes walk to get to their Kemptown branch. It always feels like it’s further away than that when I’m sat at my desk but it’s not. These guys are a brilliant small business that really deserves to stay in business and I’m confident if you give their Beef Philly sandwich a whirl you won’t be disappointed.

If you give them a whirl I’d love to hear what you think as a comment on this post.

Social Board, Kemptown
21 St James’ Street, Brighton,


Whilst the government guidance for Coronavirus is in place Social Board is selling breakfast baps, sandwiches, salads, sides and drinks through takeaway services UberEats and Deliveroo.

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