• It wasn’t until the end of last year that I tried my first buttermilk pancake. Previously, I admit, I was a little snobby about them (and American food generally). However, after doing the Soho Food Tour and experiencing my first Hawaiian breakfast pancake, I did a complete U-turn on my opinion.

  • Burgers and chips are a food item, which will always suffer slightly when delivered rather than eaten immediately after cooking. Despite the inevitable slight loss of temperature, the triple cooked chips (how did we ever tolerate chips that were only cooked once?) were still crisp.

  • Last Sunday I was invited to drop by The Joker for a meal and a drink. The pub, on Preston Road in Brighton, used to be Circus Circus, but in November 2014 new management took it over and gave it a smart refurb. My expectations were high, as I’d already been to the Joker for its NYE party and had a brilliant night. I wasn’t disappointed.