Brighton Town Centre

With over 400 restaurants in Brighton you may find it tricky to navigate the good, the bad and the ugly, especially if you’re in Brighton town centre. If I were you, I would dodge the familiar chain restaurants and stick to any of the really strong independents we have centrally like The Chilli Pickle, Bincho
or The Ginger Man.

  • One of our well-loved spots for a rendezvous is Ten Green Bottles, on Jubilee Street. It’s part wine shop, part wine bar, which can be dangerous if you’ve had a wee bit too much to drink and decide it’s time to go shopping.

  • One of my fondest childhood memories is going swimming at The King Alfred Leisure Centre, coming out hair all wet and stinking of chlorine, and finding my mum waiting for me with a cone of salty, fat chips, drenched in vinegar. Chips never tasted or smelt as good as they did then and nothing warmed me up as fast either. Until I stumbled across BeFries on West Street, that is.

  • There’s been an influx of burger restaurants and pizzerias in Brighton of late and whilst I enjoy both, they aren’t in the least bit healthy. So, the discovery that a brand new noodle bar had popped up in September, had me very excited. Noo Noodles sits on Cranbourne Street, just on your way up to Churchill Square and is independently owned, with two branches in Brighton and Southend-on-Sea.

  • It’s a great concept “naturally fast food, that both tastes good and does you good”, so I can see why people were hyped that LEON was coming to Brighton. The restaurant chain focuses on seasonal, fresh, nutritious, fast food and opened back at the end of September, with an ‘all guns blazing’ PR push.

  • There are a select few Brighton restaurants that offer what I consider fine-dining. Those that do, carefully craft courses that complement one another and pay close attention to the quality of the ingredients used. The best also plate up the courses in a way that makes you want to eat a dish, even if it’s ordinarily something you would not like. MAW restaurant falls into this category.

  • I’ve never been a fan of Mexican food, although my experience has mainly been the Tex Mex chain style experiences that the likes of Chiquito offers; where every dish has the same low quality ingredients and are just folded in a slightly different way and given a different name that I struggle to pronounce.

  • Like many others, I’ve been waiting in anticipation for the arrival of the pizza chain Franco Manca to Brighton. Not having visited any of the London restaurants myself, its reputation of creating simple, authentic soughdough pizza preceded itself. Originally born in Brixton Market in 2008, founded by Giuseppe Mascoli, it’s since been bought by restaurant entrepreneur David Page for a tidy sum of £27.5 million.

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