Hove or ‘Hove actually” as you’ll often hear the residents of Hove say jokingly, is part of the city of Brighton & Hove, although it’s also its own little town to the east of Brighton too. There are not nearly as many fine dining restaurants in this part of the city but there are lots of lovely cafes and good pubs. My favourites include The Urchin Pub, which specialises in shellfish, V&H Cafe for a smashing good avocado on toast and Fatto A Mano for an authentic Italian pizza. The Little Fish Market is also one of the town’s little treasures, having been awarded 3 AA Rosette in September 2016.

  • As we weaved our way amongst the face painted party goers on Church Road on Halloween evening, we wondered whether Brighton’s latest Italian restaurant, Semola, would provide us with a culinary trick or treat.

  • Having just booked a trip to visit Colombia and Central America, receiving an invite to visit Café Malbec, the new venture from the Latino America team, couldn’t have been timed any better. I’ve visited Latino America several times and always enjoyed the succulent steaks and well-paired wines, so I was intrigued to see what Café Malbec had to offer.

  • How are those New Year’s resolutions going for you? Still eating healthily and running three times a week? I didn’t think so… Don’t worry I’m not judging you – I’m in the same boat as you. What you need is somewhere to make it nice and easy for you. Somewhere with a breakfast, lunch and dinner menu that’s wholesome, healthy and nutritious, without sugars or additives.

  • Although there are ample Thai restaurants in Brighton & Hove (e.g. Sukhothai, Street Thai and Chilli Cafe), few live up to the dishes I sampled in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Koh Tao, Koh Samui and Ko Phi-Phi. Luckily, I’ve now found somewhere that serves Thai food that comes close to what I had on my backpacking adventures – Giggling Squid in Hove.

  • There’s something about the Italian way of life that appeals to me. Firstly and most obviously, the food is quite simply delicious. Secondly, the people are passionate and lively. Thirdly it’s completely family oriented. These three observations perfectly sum up Neapolitan pizzeria, Fatto A Mano.

  • It’s not often you get invited to visit a cave, but at the Hove end of Western Road, there is one that has built itself a great reputation over the last six years – La Cave á Fromage. As David the manager took us through the menu, he explained La Cave is not a deli as many people think, it’s a cheese shop.

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