• It’s a great concept “naturally fast food, that both tastes good and does you good”, so I can see why people were hyped that LEON was coming to Brighton. The restaurant chain focuses on seasonal, fresh, nutritious, fast food and opened back at the end of September, with an ‘all guns blazing’ PR push.

  • Our breakfast was a basket of warm pastries and croissants with tea and coffee. Lunch was a spread of homegrown salad, cheeses, home-baked bread, spicy slaw, Italian meats, alongside homemade chutney and hummus.

  • Foodilic is one of my favourite lunch spots in Brighton for healthy food. If there was such a thing as health food heaven, this would be it. It’s on North Street, which isn’t known for its great food spots and is one of those places that you can easy walk past and miss.