Introducing…Takeaway Boy

by Eshé Brown
Introducing…Takeaway Boy

Takeaway Boy reviews the cuisines of the world from the comfort of his couch, exploring Brighton’s vast international food scene


I probably have three, maybe four dishes of any note that I can cook. Not including my legendary ‘left overs wrap’, which involves finding anything in the fridge or freezer that needs using up, putting it in a wrap with some chips, cheese and salsa and voila!

Living on my own I find cooking for one a chore. Invariably whichever of the four dishes I do cook, I cook in bulk, so I spend half the week having the same thing for lunch and dinner, which gets dull very quickly. Now the obvious answer would be to learn to cook more dishes, I appreciate that, but the problem is there are many other things I would rather spend my time doing.

As I try to avoid ready meals this means eating out, or more often takeaways providing the staple of my diet. This isn’t particularly healthy for the bank balance but with the multitude of options in and around Brighton and the growth in services such as Deliveroo, it doesn’t necessarily mean an unhealthy diet, well it doesn’t have to mean an unhealthy diet!

I can be a little fussy with my food, but my passion for travel (currently at 46 countries visited) means I am always open to trying the local cuisines of wherever I am. This has ranged from mouth-watering traditional pizza on the back streets of Rome, to grilled crickets & rhino beetles in the countryside of Northern Laos.

But you don’t have to travel, or even leave your front door to taste the world. A quick scan of the Just Eat and Deliveroo sites and I’ve counted 25+ national dishes on offer within my postcode, plus a host of further speciality cuisines.

So every time I order takeout I’ll be sharing my experience on here. As well as providing photos and a personal perspective on the food itself, I’ll be giving insight into other key aspects of the takeaway experience; order process, delivery speed, value for money and temperature on arrival using the icons shown in the key below:

Takeaway Boy Brighton Takeaway Reviews

I am always open to hear your thoughts on reviews and recommendations on places to try so please get in touch by emailing

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Takeaway Boy Brighton Takeaway Reviews