Thai Pad Thai, Hove Takeaway

by Simon Livermore
Thai Pad Thai Brighton Takeaway


Thai Pad Thai – Authentic Thai restaurant and takeaway in Seven Dials

Day/Time Ordered:

Monday 11th January, 7.18pm

Order Method:

Hungry House

Delivery Time:

28 mins – quoted between 40 – 90mins

The Order:

  • Sweetcorn cakes
  • Chicken massaman curry
  • Jasmine rice
  • Spicy prawn crackers



How Much?

£17.10 inc. delivery (minimum order £15.00 for free delivery)

Takeaway Boy Rating:

Thai Pad Thai Ratings


I was sat in the dining area at the hostel on a remote beach on Koh Pha Ngan, Thailand when I first experienced Massaman Curry. It was love at first bite and for the six weeks I travelled throughout the country it was an affair that continued, though I did often cheat on it with many other tantalising Thai dishes.

As you can probably tell, Thai is one of my favourite cuisine types. The mixture and freshness of flavours such as lemongrass, lime and chilli always creates little explosions of joy in my mouth (sounds saucy hey) that are almost drug like.

When trying a new Thai takeaway for the first time I always start with my favourite dish as a benchmark on whether to re-order. Alongside the Massaman and driven as is often the case by the curse of single takeaway dining – the minimum charge for free delivery, I had opted for a starter of sweetcorn cakes and a side of spicy prawn crackers. I will often order more than I can necessarily eat to meet the minimum requirement and have the leftovers the next day.


Thai Pad Thai Takeaway Brighton

The four fritters were a decent size and came sat upon an unnecessary sprinkling of salad garnish, which upon arrival was soggy and inedible. The flavour was overly sweet, almost dessert pancake like and the only distinguishable flavour outside of the batter was lime. I ate two with a liberal helping of the accompanying Thai sweet chilli sauce to add some flavour. Wanting to ensure I left room for the curry, I put the others aside for tomorrow.

Thai Pad Thai Brighton Takeaway Sweetcorn Fritters

Sweetcorn, mixed with red curry paste & aromatic lime leaves, served with sweet chilli sauce.

The spicy crackers were as good as any I had had, not as greasy as Chinese prawn crackers often are; they were crisp and had a nice kick and I found myself constantly reaching for more.

The curry looked pretty good, an earthy brown with large chunks of chicken, potato and a generous amount of peanuts. The sauce didn’t appear overly oily and smelt close to how I remembered it during my travels. The main thing that stood out was there just wasn’t that much of it, especially considering there was an equal size dish of jasmine rice. It would seem like I would have to buy lunch tomorrow after all.

Thai Pad Thai Brighton Takeaway Massaman Curry and Rice

Chicken massaman curry cooked with coconut milk, potatoes & roasted peanuts

For the first couple of bites the flavour seemed ok. The chicken was tender and the potatoes soft. By the fourth mouthful though I became rather thirsty, and each subsequent mouthful had a saltier edge. I took to eating some of the plain rice I hadn’t added to my plate in between to counter this and eventually just picked out the chicken and potatoes leaving much of the sauce. Glad now I had the crackers and remaining fritters I finished those and discarded the rest.


The Verdict

I am always going to be slightly more critical of Thai food having experienced the real thing from street vendors many times, but sadly this really didn’t come close enough for me. As they name themselves after pad thai, one of the countries classic dishes, this may be more of their speciality. It certainly didn’t represent value for money and without being too harsh I may have enjoyed a Tesco Finest microwave equivalent just as much.

It would seem my search for a real reminder of my Thai adventure from the comfort of my own couch continues.

Top Tip – I ordered via the Hungry House website but accessed this via Top CashbackWhen routing via them you gain cashback of 4.2% on your order excluding delivery charge. Cashback can also be gained with Just Eat. It all mounts up and over a year will often cover a couple of meals.

PHONE: 01273 737878
ADDRESS: 72 Dyke Road, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 3JD
FACEBOOK: Thai Pad Thai

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