Thailand Travels: Day 1, Arriving in Bangkok

by Eshé Brown
Buddy Boutique Lodge, Bangkok, Thailand

After a 14-hour flight I touched down in Bangkok at 8am. From there I took a metered cab (as advised) to my hotel. If only it was that simple.

After instructing the taxi driver to me my hotel (just off the Khaosan Road) he started muttering. “Oh dear, here we go”, I thought. He couldn’t understand why I was heading to Bangkok and kept repeating “road closed” and “mobs”. As if I wasn’t nervous enough already about travelling on my own!

He began suggesting that he drop me near the hotel and then I could walk. “Oh no!” I thought. Even though I knew my hotel was just off the Khaosan Road I didn’t know what direction to walk. So that was a nerve-wracking taxi ride…

I kept thinking that any moment we’d turn a corner and they’ll be a mob of protestors and he’d refuse to go any further. There wasn’t though. Just one of the main roads was closed, which meant we had to go a longer route through lots of traffic jams. In the end, the ride cost 540 TBHT instead of 300 TBHT. However, that’s still only about £10 so not the end of the world.

“Lucky, you very lucky”, he said to me. Lucky indeed. I breathed a sigh of relief… and then I felt great! I had stood my ground and made him take me to my hotel and all was fine. A little self-assurance restored. Except then I realised he’d taken me to the wrong hotel. This was the Buddy Lodge, not the Buddy Boutique Inn. I tried to argue that this wasn’t the right place when we pulled up but the hotel porter had said it was and taken my bag.

Once at reception, the staff informed me that this was the sister hotel to the one I was booked into and that it was only around the corner. So reluctantly I walked… and I found it. Result.

After dropping my backpack off in the hotel storage I’m hanging out back at the Buddy Lodge roof-top pool until I’m allowed to check into my room. There’s funky house music, free wifi, drinks, food, free towels and plenty of sun loungers. So I’m soaking up the sun and taking a dip to cool off. It’s a tranquil haven up here compared to the chaotic hustle and bustle of the Khaosan Road.
Buddy Boutique Lodge, Bangkok, Thailand

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