The Real Italian Pizza Company

by Simon Livermore
The Real Italian Pizza Company

Classic Italian Pizza… from a Van


The Real Italian Pizza Company – Pizza Van

Day/Time Ordered:

Tuesday, May 17th 18:52

Order Method:

In Person

Delivery Time:

10 mins – made & cooked fresh

The Order:

  • Prosciutto & Mushroom, Basil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Capricciosa; Mozzarella, Parma Ham, Italian Salami, Olives, Red Onion, Extra Virgin Olive Oil



How Much?

£16.00 Only accept cash.

Takeaway Boy Rating:

Real Italian Pizza Rating

The Review

The days of a food truck just being a burger van in a roadside lay-by are long gone and Brighton now boasts many offering quality food. One that has really built a reputation for itself is, ‘The Real Italian Pizza Company’. The van is located opposite the Good Companions in Seven Dials, Monday to Saturday until 9pm – or when they run out, which often happens first. As we were cat-sitting for friends round the corner we decided to swing by and check it out.

The Real Italian Pizza Company-2

The well-designed layout of the van has an authentic pizza oven at its far end, which on a chilly night like tonight warmed us during the short wait for the food to be cooked to order.

The Real Italian Pizza Company Staff

Friendly Staff Take Our Order

We watched on as owner Nicholas chatted away whilst rolling out the fresh dough and carefully arranging the toppings, the majority of which is sourced from Italy.

The Real Italian Pizza Company-7

Another customer’s Deliveroo order being collected

I went for the Proscuitto and Mushroom whilst Eshe chose the Capricciosa containing, Mozzarella, Parma Ham, Italian Salami, Olives, Red Onion and Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

The Real Italian Pizza Company-13

Proscuitto and Mushroom

They certainly had the look of a traditional Italian pizza. Thin bases, quality ingredients packed full of flavour and each delicately laced with olive oil.

The Real Italian Pizza Company

Capricciosa – Mozzarella, Parma Ham, Italian Salami, Red Onion & Extra Virgin, Olive Oil

The plan had been to nip home and eat them whilst watching the latest episode of GOT, but John Snow would have to wait. They were just too tempting and we devoured them in the car.

The Real Italian Pizza Company-16

Just too good to wait

The Real Italian Pizza Company-17

Sliced and ready to eat, but no tissues!

The Real Italian Pizza Company-18

Looks like real mozzarella, tastes like real mozzarella

The Verdict

At £8 each (cash only accepted) they are good value when compared to the likes of Dominos. Whilst there may only be a small selection to choose from this to me is always a positive sign as shows it is more about ensuring each is made to perfection than catering to every possible taste.

You certainly can’t question the quality of the produce used and they are fresh and piping hot. With Deliveroo now offering to do the legwork for you, there really is no reason to order from anywhere else.

Need to Know:

The team behind ‘The Real Italian Pizza Company’ have a traditional style ice-cream van out and about for the summer offering mouth-watering gelato. Keep an eye out for it.

PHONE: 07580 167700
ADDRESS: Opposite the Good Companions, Dyke Road, Seven Dials, Hove

Have you eaten at The Real Italian Pizza Company? Did you have a similar experience? Leave me a reply below and let me know what you thought.

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Euan Sey June 2, 2016 - 11:01 AM

Good to see this place reviewed as I’ve passed it many times and wondered what their pizzas are like, and nobody’s talked about it before. However, I feel like I’m getting more info from the (high quality) photos than I am from the accompanying text. Was the base crisp and cooked all the way to the middle? How was the tomato sauce underlying the toppings? Was it properly reduced?
Comparisons with rival offerings would also be useful. You’ve reviewed Fatto a Mano and Nuposto (also available via Deliveroo) recently, how do their pizzas compare? Give me a reason to only buy from The Real Italian Pizza company from now on. I live in the ‘Dials, so I can just find out for myself. But that kind of defeats the object of a review.
Like your work folks, just wanted to give a bit of constructive feedback.

sliver76 June 2, 2016 - 10:59 PM

Hi Euan,

Thanks so much for taking the time to provide your comments, it is greatly appreciated and really helps me to improve future reviews. To answer your points, this for me was the closest I have come in Brighton to the pizzas I have eaten on the streets of Italy.

The dough was the perfect balance of crisp enough at the crust yet thin and floppy, though perfectly cooked in the middle. The sauce was well seasoned with oregano in the traditional manner but, was not overly thick as can often be the case allowing the sweet taste of the Proscuitto to steal the show. You could see and taste that all the ingredients were of a good quality.

I have not eaten at Fatto a Mano yet but, compared to Nuposto this was far superior. There the ham and sauce were both over salted and it generally felt like there was no care put into the production. With the Real Italian Pizza Company, you have the owner himself making the pizza and ensuring that each and every one is served to the highest standard. Being so close to the van you can see the thought that goes into the careful placement of each topping, ensuring just the right amount of sauce and cheese is added to balance the flavours as intended. To me, this optimises why buying from small independents is always the best decision.

Thanks again, I will certainly keep these comments in mind for future posts, great to see you are enjoying them and please leave more feedback in the future.

Cheers, Takeaway Boy


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