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After food, my second passion is travel. I try to spend more money on experiences and seeing things than on physical possessions and I aim to jet off to other countries several times a year. When I do, I’ll always try the cuisine from the region I’m visiting and share my experiences of it on the blog. To read about my most recent foodie travels, explore the posts below.

  • I’m just back from a 4-day road trip around Iceland with Simon, which couldn’t have been more needed as I was starting to run myself into the ground. In order to fully feel the benefit of the time away we both agreed to disconnect 3G/WiFi and just be completely present in the incredible surroundings we were visiting.

  • If you’re reading this blog, you obviously love food and don’t need me to tell you that Italy is one of the greatest culinary destinations of the world. 20 regions make up the boot-shaped country and each is revered for its own unique delicacies and prized regional ingredients.

  • While many Brits head to the more popular Mediterranean coast of Spain or the Balearic Islands for sun, sea and sangria, there is a town nestled in the Basque region of the Northern coast that attracts those whose holidays have a different focus; food.

  • Hidden behind a floor-length curtain in the most unexpected of places, Le Parker Meridien Hotel on 56th St, is a bijou spot called Burger Joint. You can very easily miss it if you’re not certain it’s there (and I wasn’t when I went looking for it way back in 2010).

  • Back at the end of January Takeaway Boy and I set out on our first of many euro foodie adventures planned for the year (the others being Berlin, Copenhagen and San Sebastian). Our aim? To sample as many local delicacies in each country and report back on the best places to drink and dine that we discover.

  • At the end of May I went on holiday to Kalkan, on the south coast of Turkey and in terms of food it was great. Kalkan is an old fishing town that’s become a very popular tourist destination amongst the British, and it’s not hard to see why when you try the food.

  • After surviving an evening on the Khaosan Road, I feel ready to tackle exploring further afield. A friend from home had recommended visiting the Emerald Buddha in the morning before the heat of the day and when I’d checked out its position on Google maps, it looked like it was just 14 minutes walk from my hotel.

  • There’s only so much poolside lounging you can do before you begin to get itchy feet, so this evening I decided it was time to go explore Bangkok by night. If I’m honest, initially the thought of the Khaosan Road on my own at night was intimidating.

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