Which Pubs In Brighton Sell Mulled Wine (And Cider)?

by Eshé Brown
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Christmas Drinks Guide: Best Pubs For Mulled Wine & Cider

Back at the start of November one of my readers asked me: “where is the best place in Brighton for mulled wine?” I had an idea of where I’d like to recommend but further research was needed to be sure. So I went on a mission to find out which pubs were serving mulled drinks, how much they cost and most importantly, which tasted best.

With just 12 days until Christmas and the chill setting in, you’re going to want to grab one of these winter warmers sharpish before it’s all over and it’s time for Dry January (boo).

The Joker, Preston Road

On the border of London Road and Preston Road is The Joker; winning the award for ‘best mulled wine presentation’ and ‘lowest priced’ mulled wine (£3.75). Along with a slice of orange bobbing in my glass, the rim of my cup was also dipped in a sugar coating. However, it’s a lower price for a reason and just like Sainsbury’s claims you can ‘taste the difference’.

The Hare & Hounds, London Road

The Hare & Hounds is right slap bang in the middle of Preston Circus and across the road from The Joker. Providing you’re not allergic to students then this is a great hang out on a cold evening. Unfortunately, there’s no mulled wine here but I did have a rather lovely mulled cider (£4.25) with nectar sweet honey undertones.

Mrs Fitzherberts, New Road

Just along from the Theatre Royal is Mrs Fitzherberts, also known as Fitzherberts. There’s a pretty extensive choice of Christmas drinks here this year. Mulled Wine (£4.50 small and £6 large), Mulled Cider (£3.50), Rekorderlig Spiced Plum (£3.50), Winter Pimm’s (£4.50) and Tuaca Hot Apple (£5) – watch out that could be lethal. When I popped in I tried the mulled wine and although the flavour was good and the wine rich, it was a little cool in temperature and went cold quite fast. I also had to ask for a slice of orange to go with my drink – small but important details.

The Dorset, North Road

In the heart of the North Laine is an old favourite of mine – The Dorset Pub. During the festive period, there is a boozy Kahlua-spiked hot chocolate (£5.95), as well as a spiced coconut vanilla steamer (£6.95) and the usual mulled cider (£4.95) with the mulled wine (£5.95) coming soon… I had the mulled cider here and found myself impressed. It was sweet, spicy and hot – so hot it needed blowing and stayed that way for a good 15 minutes after it was poured. It was also the perfect harmony between sweet and spicy.

The Bath Arms, Meeting House Lane

I have a lot of love for this traditional pub in The South Lanes. Firstly, because the team are so friendly and chatty and secondly because both the food and the mulled wine here are completely on point. In fact, the mulled wine from here was the best I tasted during all my research. It’s a must-go!

The Seven Stars, Ship Street

As I like to with my food. I’ve saved the best to last. The Seven Stars is a great looking, colourful, pub that follows through with an equally great mulled drinks menu, priced between £4.25 and £4.95. I tried the Sipsmith spiced sloe gin (£4.95) a mulled gin with apple and discovered a new love. Next time I’m here I will be going for this over the mulled wine – no contest. Taking price, flavour and ambience all into consideration it is my number 1 choice.

As well as the 6 pubs I’ve visited I’ve also verified that Shakespeare’s Head, The Cow, The Eagle and The White Rabbit all serve mulled wine/cider too. I just haven’t made it to these personally to review their brews, so if you go yourself I’d love to know how you rate them. Tweet me @foodieeshe or leave a comment and let me know. And, if you like this post, please, please, please let me know by hitting the heart button below!

Disclosure: No freebies were received in the making of this post.

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Ellie December 15, 2016 - 2:17 PM

It’s so hard to find a good mulled wine, isn’t it?! I think I make it better myself sometimes… Although having read your review of the Bath Arms, I’m going to try it out. Hope you enjoyed your mission!

Eshé Brown January 4, 2017 - 10:52 PM

Hi Ellie, I really enjoyed writing this post. Especially the ones where I snuck out on my lunch break to try a tipple! 🙂 The key is good quality wine but I think some places give you cheap wine and think you won’t notice – which is definitely not the case! Enjoy the Bath Arms too x

Joanne Munro October 10, 2017 - 9:20 AM

I really love mulled wine and cider and am always on the hunt every winter. So far I’ve discovered my favourite mulled cider is from the Dorset – and I have tried quite a few!

The Hampton also does pretty good mulled wine (and often cider) and so does The Bees Mouth although that one should be avoided because it has tasted like cough mixture for two years running. I have also had pretty good versions of both in the George.

Thank you for writing this post, I recently discovered your website after reading about it in Viva Mag. I’m not actually much of a foodie however, I’m just about to buy a flat and your beautiful copper colour scheme exactly matches what I want for my kitchen so I came here to pin some images!


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