WhotNow | The App That Rewards You For Going Out In Brighton

written by Eshé Brown April 11, 2017
WhotNow Brighton App

Save money when you go out in Brighton with the WhotNow app

With people spending more on eating and drinking out (myself very much included), it’s only smart to try and save money where you can. Thanks to a new Brighton-based app called WhotNow, you can now be rewarded for doing so in a selection of venues around the city.

The app works by asking users about their preferences and the experience they are looking for, and suggesting matches – it’s a bit like a dating site for your dining habits. So, if you are after a romantic venue for a first date but need to save a bit on the bill, or a party venue to celebrate your birthday and fancy some free shots, the app will let you know what’s available.

In return for checking into Facebook, writing a review or posting a photo, you can earn WhotNow “coins” that can be redeemed for things like cocktails, coffee, free snacks or free entry. There are currently 24 Brighton businesses offering rewards, most of which are pubs and bars. However, the team are getting 1-2 new spots on board every week with venues including Trading Post Coffee Roaster, Twisted Lemon, The Sidewinder and Meatliquor.

The app also lists other places that could match your requirements, so it also doubles up as a guide to venues in the city too. To find the ones offering rewards, just look out for the venues with the golden coins next to them when you are in ‘list view’.

Watch the video below to see how WhotNow works

Another little tip for you too: Makara Restaurant, Meatliquor, Twisted Lemon, Tempest and The Hare & Hounds all offer an ‘instant reward’ the first time you check in via the app, so there’s no need to build up lots of coins before you can get your hands on your first freebies.

My clubbing days are well and truly over but I’m always up for free food and drink, which is why I’ve downloaded the app. If you are too, (and you’re an iPhone/iPad user) head over to the AppStore to download and try it yourself.

*Disclosure: This post is sponsored by the team behind WhotNow although I think it’s a great idea and look forward to seeing more venues added soon.

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