Wolfies of Hove – Takeaway

by Simon Livermore
Wolfies of Hove - Fish & Chips


Wolfies of Hove – Traditional fish & chips, pie, mash & liquor

Day/Time Ordered:

Wednesday 13th January, 8.15pm

Order Method:

Walk in

Delivery Time:

Not applicable

The Order:

  • Haddock
  • Steak & Kidney Pie
  • Two regular portions of chips


A pie (though I kindly refused an extra one), cod bites in gluten batter

How Much?

£11.50 (Wine £8.49 a bottle, from the shop next door)

Takeaway Boy Rating:

Wolfies Rating


It would seem that even in the second week of January I was suffering from the Christmas syndrome many of us are affected by… not knowing what day of the week or date it is! This had resulted in turning up for the pub quiz a week early.

Feeling hungry, more than embarrassed, we decided to leave the pub and make a long overdue trip to Wolfies of Hove for some Fish & Chips just a couple of doors down. I have walked passed it many times and there is always a queue, a good sign.

The plan was to nip in grab the food, pick up a bottle of wine and head back to the warmth of home. However, on placing the order we were meet with a warm friendly greeting from the staff that went way beyond a simple “Hi how are you?”

Before we knew it we were sat at the bench seating waiting for the food to be brought over. I was even told I could nip next door and buy a bottle of wine to drink as the premises is licensed. Within minutes, we were enjoying a crisp Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc from plastic cups.

Orchard Lane Sauvignon Blanc Wine

BYO wine was a nice surprise

Andy, the jovial chef, had heard my dilemma over which of the handmade pies to have when my preferred option wasn’t available. Not a lover of offal I had gone for the minced beef and onion over the steak and kidney. He came over and presented me with a steak and kidney pie and insisted that I give it a try. My pie was still on its way but this was complimentary as he was convinced that I would enjoy it. He was right.

Wolfies of Hove, Steak & Kidney Pie

Handmade Steak & Kidney Pie

The meat, encased in perfectly cooked pastry, was divinely tender. The gravy was rich and warming and the finely sliced kidney added a balance to the overall flavour. I told him to skip the minced beef & onion and we were eagerly tucking into the pie when the rest of the food arrived.

Wolfies of Hove - Fish & Chips

Haddock and hand peeled chips

The large piece of haddock and hand peeled chips (sourced from farms within 20 miles of Hove), were served in cardboard trays lined with imitation newspaper. Neither had more than the tiniest trace of oil and were piping hot.

Eshé swears by Haddock over Cod and I can see why. Not a great lover of fish generally, the brilliant white colour of the soft, flaky fillet was bursting with flavour, which complimented the wine well.

Before long Andy was back to see how we were and again bought us something to try. (I’d like to add at this stage he had no idea we write food blogs, he just genuinely has a passion for good food and service). This time, he had some cod bites fried in their award-winning gluten-free batter. With an almost tempura-like taste and texture, it is easy to see why Wolfies is the winner of the ‘2015 Free-from eating out awards’.

Eshe and Andy - Wolfies of Hove

A side of personality from Head Chef Andy

The Verdict

Easily the best Fish & Chips I’ve eaten and the handmade pies are light years above the normal ‘Pukka Pie’ pre-made offering of most chippies. Whilst the food was amazing (and sustainably sourced), the friendly service and interaction with the staff was completely unexpected and hugely welcome. As for being able to enjoy the whole thing with a bottle of wine at a normal price with no BYO charge, well that was just spoiling us.

The only problem Eshé and I had was deciding which of us got to write the review, as ‘takeaway’ had turned into ‘dining in’!

Need to Know

The family owners of Wolfies will soon be opening a cafe a few doors down, specialising in salted beef. If the same care and quality goes into it as this, it will undoubtedly be a success.

PHONE: 01273 962365
ADDRESS: 90 Goldstone Villas, Hove, East Sussex, BN33RU
WEBSITE: wolfiesofhove.co.uk

TWITTER: @Wolfies_Hove
FACEBOOK: Wolfies of Hove

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David Pring February 26, 2016 - 9:31 AM

Spot on review of Wolfies my favourite place gor fish and chips!


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