Wriggle calls for a lunch box revolution

by Eshé Brown
Wriggle Lunch Box

Wriggle #BYOLunchBox Revolution

Do you want to help Brighton become plastic free and cut down how much waste goes into the ocean? Of course you do. Well, one way you can do this is by getting involved in the #BYOLunchBox campaign from the folks at Wriggle.

What’s all this Wriggle malarkey?

Before I dive into the details of it, let me first tell you about Wriggle quickly…

Wriggle is a neat little mobile app that helps you discover and save money at some of the best independent food and drink venues in Brighton, Bristol & Cardiff. Once you’ve downloaded the app and set up an account you’ll be able to see and take advantage of a number of limited quantity deals, offered daily.

Just pick an offer, pay via the app and head to the location to collect your food within the offer window. A unique Wriggle code will be provided via the app once you’ve bought a deal, which you then produce when you arrive. What’s more, you can also get “Wriggle rewards” for every deal you’ve purchased, which then turns into food credits.

Right, now that’s explained – back to the Bring Your Own Lunch Box campaign.

What’s the BYO Lunch Box campaign everyone’s talking about?

So, just like many of us now do with a coffee cups, Wriggle is encouraging people to bring their own containers along to takeaway venues across the city, as a way to cut single-use waste and help small business cut their costs. Hell’s Kitchen Deli, Time for Kimchi, Smorls Humous and Lost in the Lanes, are all perfect spots to do this; but look out for the BYO Lunch Box sticker in windows across Brighton to discover more participating venues.

How do I get a Wriggle lunchbox?

You can use any container you have at home to cut-waste but if like me you are partial to something pretty, Wriggle is also selling these gorgeous eco-friendly ones for the bargain price of £5. They’re made from 100% sustainable bamboo, are bio-degradable, BPA-free and dishwasher safe. Plus they are really sturdy. BPA is a chemical found in plastics that’s potentially toxic to our bodies.

I filled my Wriggle lunchbox to brim at Hell’s Kitchen on Monday for just £3.95 and I was full right up ‘til dinner.


To pick up your lunch box head to any of the following spots:

  • Lost in the Lane
  • Smorls
  • Fil Fil
  • Curry Leaf Café
  • Time for Kimchi
  • Café Trafe
  • Social Board
  • The Bok Shop
  • Harriets of Hove

But get a wriggle on as they are selling fast and 50% of the stock has already gone!

Why should I download the app?

Download the Wriggle app today and take advantage of my referral code QLQUUH – which gives you £5 off your first Wriggle order (you’re welcome).  And don’t forget to pack a fork from home rather than use a plastic one.

Love Wriggle’s lunchbox idea? Click the heart below or leave me a comment.

*Disclosure – My Wriggle lunchbox was gifted along with Wriggle credit to fill my lunch box up but I’m supporting this campaign because it’s an important cause I believe in.

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