About Me & Foodieeshe

Hello, I’m Eshé the lady behind the blog. That’s me cooking on the set of The Hairy Bikers.

I LOVE food and I don’t mean I really like it. I mean my whole world revolves around it.

My obsession with food started young. Thinking back to school I would host dinner parties (instead of sleepovers), design three-course dinners, and hand-making dinner invitations to give out in the playground.


What started as me writing about what I like to cook and where I like to eat in Brighton has grown to be being invited to review restaurants, pop-ups, cafes, food events, and even abroad!

Being asked to give my opinion is a huge compliment but I will always remain true to my readers, by giving an entirely honest opinion of where I’m dining and keeping the focus on the independent food retailers. Occasionally, if there’s a chain doing something great I will talk about it here, but this blog centers around the smaller, more unique restaurants – not global chains.

If something isn’t up to scratch I’ll always say it’s given as constructive criticism, rather than being rude about someone’s best efforts. All my reviews are written with the thought that there are people behind these businesses that often put many hours and their hearts into their work.

My reviews cover all over Sussex & sometimes London too but my focus is Brighton where I work.


The second part of this blog is my cooking (recipes I’ve designed or have discovered from other great foodies). I’m a big believer that the presentation and styling of food is an essential part of being a good cook, so I’ll always strive to publish recipes that taste amazing and look it too. At the moment, I’m without a kitchen so there will be more of a focus on recipes in 2022 when it’s finally finished.