How To Cook Tapioca Pearls? 

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Tapioca pearls are tiny balls of starch that are usually used to enhance the beauty of tea and other drinks. These tiny spheres add a chewy texture to the drinks. 

Over the years, tapioca balls have become popular because of the chewy texture and flavor they impart to drinks and desserts. 

Many people use these pearls as an alternative to sago pearls. These pearls are added to different treats for a delightfully chewy texture. 

These pearls are available in both cooked and uncooked forms. You can use the cooked pearls for adding to your drinks every day. However, if you want to prepare the pearls at home, it’s a matter of minutes. 

Cooking the tapioca pearls is an easy task. All you have to do is, preheat the water to a high temperature and when it starts bubbling, add the pearls to it. Cook the pearls for a few minutes. Cooking time can vary because of the different types and brands of pearls. 

While cooking, make sure you do not leave the pearls in water for too long because leaving the pearls in water for too long can cause disintegration. 

Once you are done cooking tapioca pearls, prepare sugar syrup and coat the pearls for a sweet taste. You can honey for this purpose as well. 

In this article, I’ll explain how to cook tapioca pearls. Furthermore, I’ll share information about the types of tapioca pearls, what they taste like and how you can serve these pearls. 

To learn more about tapioca pearls, read the article in detail. Let’s get started

What are tapioca pearls? 

Tapioca pearls or boba are small transparent spheres that attain the size of a pea or tiny squishy marble when cooked. 

These pearls are made of starch obtained from cassava roots and have no taste. That’s why people prefer to coat these pearls with sugar syrup or honey for a sweet taste. 

People in different world regions love to add these tiny balls to their tea and drinks to give them a chewy texture and make them more healthy & energizing. 

Tapioca pearls are extremely healthy for the body as they are a good source of calcium and iron for the body. Also, these pearls contain fibers, carbohydrates, and very few calories. 

Daily intake of these pearls makes the bones stronger and enhances the oxygen supply in the body. 

What do tapioca pearls taste like? 

Tapioca pearls usually are tasteless because of their high starch content in them. That’s why people use these pearls after coating them with honey and sugar syrup. It gives the pearls an exciting sweet flavor. 

With the increase in their demand, different flavors of tapioca pearls are currently available in the market. You can choose any of these flavored tapioca pearls like mango, pine, berries, etc. to give your drink a new burst of taste.

What are the types of tapioca pearls? 

There are various types of tapioca pearls available in the market nowadays. Some varieties are black, some are clear like crystal balls, some varieties have small sizes, and some are flavored. 

Instead of buying these tasteless pearls from the market, old people usually prefer to make these balls at home. They make pearls by mixing water and starch & then coat them with honey. 

The reason is homemade tapioca pearls taste much better than those available at high prices in the market. 

How to cook tapioca pearls? 

Cooking the tapioca pearls is an easy task and takes only a few minutes only. However, the cooking time may vary greatly because different types and sizes of pearls take time differently. 

The simple recipe that you can use to cook every type of tapioca pearl is written below; 


Step 1 

First of all, take 6 cups of water in a pan. 

Boil the water until it starts making bubbles. 

Step 2 

Pour one cup of tapioca pearls into the boiling water. 

Step 3 

Stir the pearls to avoid sticking. 

Step 4 

Let the balls cook for a few minutes. 

Step 5 

Check if the balls are done. 

Remove the pan from the flame. 

Step 6

Drain the water. 

Step 7

Leave the tapioca pearls to cool down at room temperature. 

Step 8

Prepare sugar syrup, and coat the pearls to give them a sweet flavor.

Serve the pearls as you want. 

What are the tips that you should consider while making tapioca pearls?

The essential tips that you should consider while making tapioca pearls are as follows; 

  • Heat the water to bubbles before putting tapioca pearls in it because leaving them in water for too long can break them. 
  • Do not rinse the tapioca pearls before using them. 
  • The tapioca pearls may have different sizes, so adjust the cooking time accordingly. 
  • Check the pearls while cooking to have the perfect softness. 
  • Change the water after every few minutes. 
  • Remember that the size of pearls will increase after boiling because they absorb moisture. 
  • Measure the quantity correctly before boiling. 

These tips will help you boil tapioca pearls perfectly without the fear of disintegration.

How to store tapioca pearls? 

You can store uncooked tapioca pearls in the refrigerator like other kitchen ingredients. They can last for 6-8 months easily if properly stored. 

Uncooked pearls

To store the uncooked pearls, follow the steps; 

  • Wash the airtight containers and pat them dry. 
  • Fill the containers with uncooked tapioca pearls. 
  • Tightly close the lid. 
  • Place the containers in the refrigerator. 

Cooked pearls 

In the case of cooked tapioca pearls, storage is not a wise decision. You should consume the pearls as early as possible otherwise, they will go rancid. 

Do you have to soak tapioca pearls? 

It depends on your choice and the type of tapioca pearls in your kitchen cabinet because soaking the pearls in liquid sometimes causes disintegration. 

Some people prefer to soak tapioca pearls in brown sugar syrup and honey before adding them to drinks. So, it is totally up to your choice whether you want to soak them or not.

Can you use tapioca pearls for bubble tea? 

Yes, you can use tapioca pearls for making bubble tea. The addition of tapioca pearls in bubble tea or any other drink breaks their boring consistency and makes them flavourful and healthy.

What are the health benefits of tapioca pearls? 

Tapioca pearls are a good source of calcium essential for stronger & healthy bones and reduce the risks of fractures and bones weakening. 

Moreover, it contains iron that enhances oxygen transport throughout the body. It is zero in calories and carbohydrates which improves heart health.

Frequently Asked Questions 

To wrap up 

Tapioca pearls are small starch balls with a chewy texture and no flavor. These balls are available in the market in different flavors. You can also make these balls at home with starch and water. 

Cooking these tiny pearls is an extremely easy task. Dip them in hot boiling water at high temperatures for a few minutes, and then coat them with honey or sugar syrup to enhance their flavor and texture. 

You can add these sweet pearls to milk tea, almond milk, fruit smoothies, and other drinks to give them a yummy flavor and a chewy texture.

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